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An excellent value divan base out of all sizes without or with drawers.

A non storage divan base with quality castors available in an array of material options.

Our least expensive divan bed!

An excellent value choice for the spare room!

A Couple drawer, United kingdom made divan base with quality castors available in an array of material options.

Designed for every evening use in a cost you will not lose sleep over! KINGSIZE for that cost of the DOUBLE

10" deep coil spring bed mattress having a luxury soft touch damask cover, obtainable in medium or firm feel.

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An excellent United kingdom made divan base with side opening ottoman storage in an array of material options.

A 4 drawer, United kingdom made divan base with quality castors available in an array of material options.

A Couple+2 drawer, United kingdom made divan base with quality castors available in an array of material options.

Mixing the support of coil springs and also the presure relief advantages of foam to supply a comfortable and soft sleeping surface.

An excellent United kingdom made divan base with feet finish opening ottoman storage in an array of material options.

A Thousand pocket spring spring bed mattress having a luxurious soft pillow top for any soft feel on the platform base.

Two beds in a single. The under bed rolls from below then raises towards the same height because the primary bed to create a really big customer bed.

800 pocket springs along with a foam comfort layer for any luxurious medium feel.

Divan Beds - Scarborough Bed Warehouse The pillow top

Be Assured Cleeve Silk 1400 Divan Bed

An excellent United kingdom made divan base with full ottoman storage in an array of material options.

A Luxuriously gentle feel 2000 pocket spring bed with natural lambswool, silk and cashmere fillings.

Ideal for guest rooms, Holiday lets etc.

An excellent hands made divan set having a pocket spring bed mattress. SPECIAL OFFERKINGSIZE For That Cost Of The DOUBLE!

The pillow top supplies a sumptuously soft and breathable cushion of made of woll over the supportive bed mattress. SPECIAL OFFERKINGSIZE For That Cost Of The DOUBLE!

Divan Beds - Scarborough Bed Warehouse and also

In the Naturals Collection, a zone pocket spring bed mattress with medium feel. SPECIAL OFFERKINGSIZE For That Cost Of The DOUBLE!

An excellent hands made pocket spring divan set having a luxurious soft pillow top. SPECIAL OFFERKINGSIZE For That Cost Of The DOUBLE!

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Sealy + Posturepedic Mattress Options EXPLAINED by GoodBed.com

  • Junior P Suarez: Buy a sealy mattress was a mistake i bought a plush pillow top from the performance line and well as a side sleeper i thought the plush one will be fine but my hips sink too much and my shoulders just a bit giving me back pain i don’t know why the lied saying that the posturepedic technology has more support in the middle of the mattress
  • Barbara Delarwelle: In my opinion having more and more choices just makes it incredibly more confusing.
  • Tour of Rooms: I hate muddling my way through what appears to be a good mattress in words and even the majority of reviews but real smart mattress shoppers do not settle for shit. And many times high ratings are the result of short term use and testing while others are coaxed via free samples and possibly product promoting and even outright lies. That's not to say a mattress is bad just because some just do not find it to be compatible. But in this case, clearly you know what represents a quality mattress, but in recent years 200+ new companies formed online making all these bold claims and simplifying the process somewhat and truth be told, some of it is good but it is more about finding a better way to fool buyers into choosing THEIR product by using better marketing tactics and skills. Tried and true mattress quality is never achieved without long term existence in this industry and the new mattress designs are, in my opinion, lacking tremendous feel in comparison to those tried and true mattresses some swore by 40 years ago and still do today. I am on a Simmons that is well over 20 years old and was only warrantied for 15 but has surpassed that and then some. Edge support is phenominal and this durability is proven time and time again as I sit here working on my computer day in and day out while sitting on the edge of my bed. I can sleep on this mattress right at the edge and not one bit of roll. This so called edge support system Sealy claims to have is a "*******" joke and the proof is in the results and reviews of the "knowledgeable" shoppers who have put reasonable time trying what Sealy is currently pushing in their modern day offering. Comparing to years and years of previous mattress tech, new manufacturing processes are cheaper with much less quality control standards to deem an obvious sub=par product as such. Even 1 year on a mattress does not say much for it's long term durability and mark my words the majority of the new companies sprouting up online will not be around to answer our complaints 5 years later or even LESS in many instances. People have reported sagging, poor edge support and just a total array of issues with these new beds and mattresses and only the happy ones seem to want to brag online about how good their experience is. But I spent months searching reviews and not one was more than 15 months. And when I finally DID find reviews from people with longer usage duration, almost all reported incredible disappointment.

    If I were to risk an online purchase of any mattress, I'd spend $300 on some of the higher rated ones on Amazon that meet my comfort level requirements. Online sales of mattresses from more well known players in this industry like NEST, PURPLE, CASPER< etc…. all think they have something better to justify charging 4-5 times more than Amazon bed in a box equivalents from lesser known companies that don't have to fund those manipulative marketing agendas and their greed (PURPLE IS THE KING OF GREED). I personally hated PURPLE and they tripled the cost on a version 2 that was even worst than their first release. PURPLE's biggest downfall is that they are lying and DECEPTIVE when it comes to how to price their product. A classic example would be a pharmaceutical company that has a cancer curing drug that is cheap enough to make so it can be used for all but, instead, they use it as leverage to more or less extort more money from hard working people who have to give up too much just to have it. Yeah Purple, you are so full of yourselves. But you don't pay a higher premium to justify your costs. You're opportunists that care more about your wallet than the bodies of those seeking a good healthy sleep. That alone is reason to NOT buy a Purple product. Turning a penny into a gold bar your motto. Marketing BS making Purple one of the most deceptive players in the mattress game. My definition of Purple: Those who prey on the wallets of anyone they can sucker in to paying an unfair and unreasonable price for materials we could probably source and stack inside of a cover for less than dinner and drinks for 2 at the local Italian restaurant.

    People who swear by these types of companies and their products have no long term experience judging them which is a comment I can support just because these products have no long term existence in this industry to even make some of the bold claims they are making. We have to take a risk no matter how we look at it. Even though a specific material, foam or ingredient used in a mattress that has been tested does not mean it's use in a product with other materials will result in a durable mattress of high quality to substantiate any claim to fame. Purple? Sorry if I seem to be picking on you but I know a few things about your product that might never be part of mainstream discussion but you people are the greediest bastards in the mattress industry. On that premise alone, you don't deserve anyone to buy what you are selling. But many other companies are not far behind in terms of the greed and lies. Mattress manufacturing is being portrayed as some sort of costly process, especially when there are alleged "more costly latex" materials involved. Although I won't deny there is a premium for companies to acquire their latex, the cost of adding a little better quality cream in a cup of coffee does not justify multiplying the cost by 4x-5x. And if people want to continue to push the off-gassing bull shit as means to justify quality or the lack therof, you've just admitted to being suckered but marketing bull shit. Off-gassing is so ridiculous on some organic foams it kills me every time I read a review where someone was foolish to pay $3000+ for the "ORGANIC" latex instead of saving 50% by accepting what is said to be "NON-organic."

    FACT: You've been suckered. I have family that is Vegan and very strict about choices they make regarding so many things including the air they choose to breathe. I've even adopted some sensible dieting tips that are sensible and make sense for anyone. But there is a fine line between being sensible and just being stupid. And I'll flat out argue with any mattress company regarding the TRUTH. Off gassing is likely and inevitable with all mattresses and nothing about an organic latex mattress makes any sense because if anyone is stupid enough to sleep directly on the mattress, you make no sense. Everyone with common sense will protect their new mattress and a waterproof cover as well as linens and even mattress pads can be had for such an incredibly affordable price. These are much needed products and in the mind of sensible intelligent people, a requirement. If you can afford to get ripped off for over $3000 for organic latex, then you can afford an organic latex topper. If you're avid and smart, and REQUIRE organic latex, you would already own one and can just use it on any new mattress you buy. In fact, most people who use toppers can buy any mattress they want for the most part because in most cases we buy a topper that checks all of the boxes that your mattress does not

    In my sincere honest opinion, there is no way to make an informed decision, based on any of the marketing that is used by these companies… period. Not even reviews will prove much to some because some are sop disappointed while others are happier than pigs in a pile of shit. If I was going to buy from any mattress company today, I would not buy from Sealy since they have no comfort promise whatsoever. they nit-pick to avoid honoring devoted customer complaints. They have very loose wording in their policies that does not favor buyers. We might as well risk a bed in a box since a few of these actually offer an unwavering return policy that gives us more than enough time to at least get our bearings in order regarding what feels good. That is the only positive I can see in this world when it comes to choosing a mattress. Only a few are worth the risk and without long term sleep trials, I would not buy it. But with long term promises by names that have strong backing from bigger well known investment conglomerates, we might stand a chance of seeing some of these names honoring their long term promises in 10-15 or even 20 years later. I rant. yes I do. But the realistic expectations of real smart buying need to be accompanied by realistic facts that will justify one's reasoning. Don't just believe it because someone said it. First hand experiences that are consistent over many many years of business will tell the story. And today's mattresses are a new breed for many of us while younger less informed people who do not have credentials to make claims that will entice those of us who know what it means to stand the test of time.

    In the end, no company is in business to lose money. Mattress companies are no different. They want money and use whatever sales tactics possible to get it. Even if it means making long term promises to get it. Some will honor their promises, at least initially. But what of the longer term? We cannot be sure. Because usually, the typical scenario holds true. What you don't pay for up front you end up paying for in the end. So if someone seems to offer you the softest most comfortable plush mattress today, you will likely be sleeping on a rock later. The old bait and switch is alive and well in America. ALWAYS! OH,

    P.S. PURPLE? You suck!

  • Nickolas Lim: great video!
  • jean billy: useful vid, thanks a lot sir.
  • David Eb: I purchased a Response Premium Plush in July, 2018 from Mattress Firm. It is the worst mattress I have ever owned. It's hard as stone. There are no "premium foams." It's a total piece of shit. $1,100 down the drain. Stay clear from Sealy. My last bed was a Sealy, but was a quality mattress with latex. This is simply a very cheaply made mattress with a very high price.
  • Joao Costa: Hi. I am looking at optimum chill dior by seally the firm option. But cant find much about that mattress. Can you tell your opinion about that mattress, thank you so much
  • Kelly Scott Hendren: I have no complaint with my mattress other than my husband wakes up every might soaking wet. I test his sugar levels to make sure that’s not the problem and it is perfect range.I think there may be something he is allergic to in the. mattress causing this problem. Interested if anyone has this problem.
  • rmy spudly: Great video. Answered all the right questions
  • 1911beauty: What is the point of the moisture wicking fabric, when you have to put a mattress protector on thats is water proof? Do I understand correctly that foam and sweat don't mix well? ……."moisture wicking technology"…….. Incase you wondered, I went back to a traditional 12.5 gauge Bonnell coil, cotton on both sides, latex and nano coil topper, and a traditional coiled tied box spring. I have slept well for a couple years now. I had my mattress purchased in 2013, at $2200, replaced for dipping in the middle three times. On the third time I had the big company, with even bigger name mattress replaced under warranty, left in the plastic. I didn't even unwrap it. I donated it to Good Will! I don`t ever want to see another "modern" mattress again in life. I slept on a sorta perfect sleeper, purchased in 1990 for 23 years. From 6th grade, to undergrad, thru two masters degrees, a Ph.D, 4 houses, and three promotions with no dipping. The "modern" mattress never made one year with out dipping. "moisture wicking technology"
  • jado4you: thank you
  • Fluffy Kitten: nice Planet Ocean
  • Peggy A: Hi I have an old 2005 manufactured King Size 15" great condition Sealy Crown Jewel Pisano. I also have a Tempurpedic Supreme Cloud mfg in Sept 2014 purchased 2015. (11.5" thick) The tempurpedic was too soft for my husband. What is the better bed I'm starting to think Tempurpedic is alot of hype… what is the better quality in your opinion. I hate to trash to Sealy.
  • Jon Clouse: MVP
  • J. Elizabeth: Hi! What is the life span of the plush line of posturepedic products? Thank you~
  • DD FriscoTX: Heck, we have had our $1500 Sealy for a year and it’s defective. All of the pillowtop is bunched in the middle. Two different people from Nebraska Furniture Mart came out to take measurements and because it didn’t meet Sealy’s 1.5 inch indentation policy. (Ours was 1 inch and we cannot sleep in the bed after one year.) Both men that came to look at it were clearly able to see the issue and Sealy won’t replace it and Nebraska Furniture Mart will only ‘talk’ to Sealy after complaining to their customer service three times. I would gladly bring this defective mattress back to Sealy if their manufacturing plant was closer. We have now paid $1,500 for a mattress that we cannot sleep on that is only a year old. This is our last Sealy ever. Your dogs might like it, we can’t sleep on it, nor could we give this thing away!!!!!
  • love cuba: Hi there could you please let me know what you think of the Sealy Posturepedic Performance Kingsmill Pillow-Top Plush mattress? been having problems with hips while sleeping
  • Ashish Mathur: Your videos are extremely helpful. I am looking for a mattress to help me in my back pain(SI joint pain) and I would appreciate if you can help. My preference would be go to store to look for a mattress though I'm looking at online options too. Till now I've looked sealy posturepedic and beautyrest. I generally don't like memory foam because of the sinking feeling so I'm looking at some latex mattress options too like zenhaven, avacodo. My budget is $1500 though I can push it to 2k for a really good mattress. I am around 210lb . 5'9''. What would you suggest. Thanks!
  • Jamie Pool: Thanks for the videos.  Do you have any thoughts on the Sealy Hybrid Posturepedic Cooper II Plush mattress?
  • Shoshanah Shear: Thanks for a great, informative video.
    As an occupational therapist, I have worked in back rehab and am now involved in health and wellness. Being able to attain a good nights rest in terms of both quality and quantity is important for daily function. Finding the right bed is very much a part of that.