Sleeper, Definition of sleeper in English by Oxford Dictionaries


Meaning of sleeper in British:

1 An individual or animal who’s asleep or who sleeps inside a specified way.

  • ‘Nathan had been the lightest sleeper he’d seen.’
  • ‘I’m a significant light sleeper, so even my answering machine going for a message usually wakes me.’
  • ‘A light sleeper whatsoever occasions, Armand had also heard the appearance.’
  • ‘Subjects who rated themselves as habitually good sleepers were largely unsusceptible to the valerian extract.’
  • ‘The researchers found cognitive behavior therapy labored better to treat insomnia, producing the biggest quantity of normal sleepers after treatment.’
  • ‘If your son or daughter generally is a good sleeper and begins waking at night, it’s wise to check on there is not a clinical reason.’
  • ‘Furthermore, the large volume of sleep aids, sedatives and anti-depressants doled out every year to poor sleepers really are a stress on the budget.’
  • ‘She did not know whether he would be a light or heavy sleeper, but apparently, he would be a light sleeper.’
  • ‘He would be a lighter sleeper when more and more people were around, apparently, and automobile up as i was walking by.’
  • ‘I know you’ve always wanted a lot of kids, and that i know whomever your spouse is needs to be an in-depth sleeper since you snore much more and louder than you believe!’
  • ‘To get ready for anymore rough sleepers we want extra sleeping-bags and flasks.’
  • ‘A light sleeper, Debbie needed frequent attention from her mother, who had been also nursing her.’
  • ‘She is really a light sleeper and sleeping alongside me does deny her of the items little sleep she does get.’
  • ‘I’ve been an easy sleeper, but many years of travel mean I’m able to virtually go to sleep anywhere.’
  • ‘Homeowners are frequently light sleepers and armed.’
  • ‘I’m ordinarily a light sleeper, therefore it would be a surprise the husband was the first one to notice this.’
  • ‘Moreover, at 6 several weeks, the moms of back sleepers reported less instances by which their infants had sleep problems than did the moms of stomach sleepers.’
  • ‘As an easy sleeper, I’m able to only struggle how to find better ear-plugs, or aspire to sleep with my window forever open and get accustomed to the outdoors noises too.’
  • ‘He came with the door and it was surprised that they still did not arrived at, since she would be a light sleeper.’
  • ‘I’m often a light sleeper in unfamiliar situations, so you will find that I will be a little jumpy.’

2 A train transporting sleeping cars.

  • ‘The £465 per person cost includes seven nights’ hotel accommodation, one evening on the sleeper train, breakfast every day and the expertise of a skilled guide.’
  • ‘10 Teams traveled exclusively by train – for example in sleepers overnight from New You are able to to Chicago.’
  • ‘It demonstrated an excellent adventure and also the kids loved the sleeper train.’
  • ‘There’s just lots of time to buy provisions for that journey prior to the lengthy dormant sleeper train pulls up.’
  • ‘Passengers were stranded aboard the train in excess of three hrs while a diesel engine was introduced to drag the sleeper into Preston Station.’
  • ‘He caught a sleeper train from Cairo to Aden within the Yemen.’
  • ‘I made the decision around the overnight sleeper train from Bangkok, which meant I possibly could sleep during the night and never waste certainly one of my precious days travelling.’
  • ‘The sleeper train to Hue sounded not very savoury, however.’
  • ‘I was travelling around the sleeper to Inverness whenever a man within the compartment pointed towards the luggage rack. ‘And whoever else got inside?’’
  • ‘A special sleeper train service have been placed on it pulled into You are able to station at 3.32 am, and deposited excited royalists at King’s Mix at 7.39 am.’
  • ‘Eleven passengers died whenever a mystery blaze exhausted a carriage of the overnight sleeper train today.’
  • ‘The overnight sleeper train from Hanoi to Hué begins like a giggle, and winds up being an ordeal.’
  • ‘Not lengthy ago I walked from the overnight sleeper to the platform at Nice to become elevated with a scrumptious scent: the woking platform was full of wallflowers.’
  • ‘My experience with sleeper trains spans the world from Finland to Australia.’
  • ‘We have been dreading our second overnight sleeper train.’
  • ‘I was travelling on the sleeper train from Istanbul to Belgrade where my passport was stolen after crossing the Bulgarian border.’
  1. 2.1 A sleeping vehicle, or perhaps a berth in a single.
  • ‘He was there at approximately twenty minutes before departure and required another couple and us towards the sleeper cars.’
  • ‘The consist was basically exactly the same with the exception that this train had only one sleeper whereas our southbound had two.’
  • ‘After dinner, there adopted a restless night within the four-berth sleeper hearing the train wheels squealing and screeching.’
  • ‘It had 2 engines, 3 coaches, lounge vehicle, dining vehicle, 2 sleepers and 6 freight cars.’
  • ‘I left Madrid twenty minutes later inside a sleeper vehicle, bound for Lisbon.’
  • ‘The sleepers utilized on the Canadian are unique for this train, for the reason that each one has three kinds of accommodations and all sorts of are alike.’
  • ‘Generally, the sleeper carriages were interspersed with lounge and dining cars – there was lots of convivialising.’
  • ‘Alas, they’d made reservations within the sleeper vehicle for that trip, and that i just inside a seat, and so i was separated from their store throughout the trip.’
  • ‘At the same time frame, the removal of the sleeper berths indicates a daylight passenger configuration of 21 to 24 seats might be planned.’
  • ‘I immediately observed this vehicle wasn’t of the grade of our original sleeper vehicle.’
  • ‘Also acquired were five ex U.S.Army troop box vehicle style sleepers only built-in 1944 for The Second World War use, they were changed into baggage cars.’
  • ‘Most from the troop trains from the Korean era used standard heavyweight sleepers, that have been at that time surplus towards the Pullman pool as lightweight equipment displaced them.’
  • ‘Most private cars can hold more passengers throughout the day than overnight, so consider coupling someone to a sleeper vehicle for bigger groups in order to spread the price among more and more people.’
  • ‘In a sleeper vehicle, several men pass on the hall.’
  • ‘Then the 15 departing were advised to visit lower the steps towards the train, coach left, sleepers right.’
  • ‘I often see that today’s consist incorporated three locomotives, two sleepers, four coaches, a diner, a lounge vehicle, along with a baggage vehicle.’
  • ‘There are three sleepers about this train, along with the usual Off-shore Parlour, Dining, and Sightseer cars.’
  • ‘There are 17 cars: two engines, dorm, two sleepers, diner, lounge, three coaches, and 7 mail cars.’
  • ‘Since then the organization finds another 35 carriages, a combination of restaurant cars, sleepers and Pullmans, which happen to be superbly restored at workshops in England, Belgium and Germany.’
  • ‘They bought the trains (including sleeper stock) after which realized this was stupid – flying was faster and cheaper.’
  • ‘Behind the locomotive is really a reefer (refrigerator vehicle) to provide ice for consuming water within the sleepers.’
  • ‘Also not unusual was mental instability caused by the then common practice of “sleeper” medication.’
  • ‘I required the sleeper pill yesterday and that i rested a dreamless sleep.’
  • ‘Take one set of child’s sleepers and soak it in tepid to warm water.’
  • ‘So we introduced her home inside a little cute sleeper having a matching hat.’
  • ‘Now I wish to provide you with a description, I understand we place the picture up, however the young boy has black hair, brown eyes, and that he was last seen – there he’s immediately – putting on a red sleeper.’
  • ‘To bring your baby home put baby inside a vest and thick sleepsuit whether it’s cold.’
  • ‘Knitted fabrics, for example individuals utilized in T-shirts, sweatshirts, infant sleepers and sportswear, are types of unstable fabrics.’
  • ‘A sleeper chair (above left) is tufted and skirted within the same plaid taffeta used behind your bed.’
  • ‘Two hrs ago the final furniture piece left the apartment, the sleeper sofa I inherited using the place, an orange relic from the former proprietors.’
  • ‘Once you choose the twin reason for the area, end up a pleasant sleeper sofa.’
  • ‘A sleeper sofa may be the solution selected by many people in studios, however this limits your choices when it comes to design, and unmaking and re-making your bed every single day could be enough to put on you out of trouble.’
  • ‘The intimate lighting and varnished black sleepers sit easily having a heart-warming pot bellied stove which is a superb focus.’
  • ‘Most from the original furnishings have been destroyed within our first mission, and also the room was now outfitted to support four sleepers, with a few little bit of storage.’
  • ‘That night Daniel did not sleep beside me he rested around the sleeper sofa.’
  • ‘Do I must obtain a sleeper sofa, or does anybody still make Murphy beds?’
  • ‘Then she setup the couch right into a double sleeper, managed to get all up, so when she was finished, Relena had already came out of the bathroom in her own night clothes.’
  • ‘Both kinds are available in mixers can fit either regular sofas or sleepers, in addition to easy chairs.’

3 A movie, book, play, etc. that eventually achieves unpredicted success after initially attracting hardly any attention.

  • ‘Avoiding a basic sleeper of the film such as this just deprives you of the exciting movie experience.’
  • ‘So for those who have a sleeper, pricier hitting nine figures… make certain you’re enormously lucrative with less.’
  • ‘Just because the initial comic issue grew to become a sleeper success, also has got the big screen Spider-Man.’
  • ‘This follow up towards the 2001 sleeper hit is really a thinly veiled facsimile from the first film.’
  • ‘People claimed the precedent set by the sleeper hit in 1998 was finally replaced.’
  • ‘The film would be a sleeper hit as well as spawned a minimal-budget follow up.’
  • ‘It is really a documentary on a kind of motorized wheel chair rugby which is the sleeper hit from the moment.’
  • ‘Virtually unheralded, this relatively low-budget affair is really a genuine sleeper – an unexpected hit that takes care of much better than a variety of more pricey matters.’
  • ‘Getting big days from cheap players not simply will improve your points total and can improve your team’s main point here because the dollar values for individuals sleepers rise.’
  • ‘If it’s marketed the proper way it could be a sleeper hit, although it is not quite sufficiently good to warrant anything like blockbuster status.’
  • ‘This film – which DVD release – therefore is really a sleeper waiting to become discovered.’
  • ‘For our purposes, we’ll think about a sleeper to become any player whose perceived value now’s considerably less than his potential value in this season.’
  • ‘It’s this interesting indisputable fact that made the initial Kohan franchise a sleeper hit.’
  • ‘DESPITE THEIR sleeper success, this guitar rock band continue to be managing to have their ft on the floor.’
  • ‘It is preferable to many people may think, but not adequate enough to become a sleeper hit.’
  • ‘Is he finding Quebec sovereignty to become a surprise sleeper hit using the electorate of his riding?’
  • ‘The record grew to become a sleeper hit as well as in 2003, it spawned another and third volume, featuring Langford’s own artwork.’
  • ‘If this option have more playing amount of time in the 2nd half, they may be the sleepers who’ll vault your team to some title.’
  • ‘Any movie with individuals much marketing dollars will get more viewers than the usual little small movie that could be wishing for any great sleeper hit thanks to some good reviews.’
  • ‘This dark dark wine is definitely a sleeper for restaurants that provide char-grilled steaks.’
  • ‘Yet on occasions when something is overlooked, it may act as the perfect something, the sleeper hit, that known only to you about, that is a great factor to possess.’
  1. 3.1 An old-fashioned whose true value goes unrecognized for a while.
  • ‘Dealers and collectors love to locate a sleeper, and something such is highlighted here.’
  • ‘Although i was not able to create out a signature, there’s possible this antique painting might be a genuine sleeper along with a real investment for any lucky buyer.’
  • ‘Since Vladimir Putin, an old KGB officer, required the helm within the Kremlin, Russian intelligence systems in central and the european union happen to be reconstructed and secret service sleepers activated.’
  • ‘Jason was assigned like a guard for that queen as they would be a sleeper agent.’
  • ‘The enemy within remains, however nowadays it’s not communist sleepers which are the priority however the corrosive influence of massive business.’
  • ‘The sleeper agents moved toward parliament because the Guru had instructed them.’
  • ‘The enemy’s individuals are already in position within this country, sleeper agents awaiting the command to strike.’
  • ‘A staple from the Cold War espionage novels that accustomed to populate best-seller lists was the sleeper agent.’
  • ‘Thousands of the agents and sleepers existed throughout South Vietnam’s Government, military, and security/intelligence organizations.’
  • ‘Now we have chosen a definition, let us take a look at how you can uncover these sleepers.’
  • ‘Additionally, many years of Soviet occupation left a number of sleeper agents familiar with the location, who have files on the majority of citizens.’
  • ‘I’ve learned many sleeper agents utilize it regularly.’
  • ‘The Detroit situation ended last summer time using the convictions, hailed through the Plant administration, of three men that were charged with operating a sleeper terror cell that possessed plans for attacks all over the world.’
  • ‘All Ashcroft ever did was consider when there were any terror sleeper cells.’
  • ‘He unsuccessful, but inside a year he’d infiltrated America with new groups of sleeper agents ready for an additional pair big push.’
  • ‘The network implants a lot of sleeper agents, free from past suspicious activity, giving the government bodies pointless to keep close track of them until once they have received their cue to strike.’
  • ‘He was placed like a sleeper agent 5 years ago.’

4 British A diamond ring or publish worn inside a pierced ear to help keep the opening from closing.

  • ‘She clicks the client list, pulls in the database of 13,000 stock products, checks availability and starts including quantities for rings, studs and sleepers.’
  • ‘He used a gold sleeper in the left ear, a properly-worn, waist-length brown leather jacket, fast jeans, a black belt along with a gold bracelet.’
  • ‘The man seemed to be putting on a 9ct gold necklace along with a gold sleeper earring in the left ear.’
  • ‘The window-dresser pressed her hair away from her face and behind her dainty ears, each pierced with rows of silver sleepers.’
  • ‘There would be a brief twinge of discomfort as she squeezed a sleeper with the needle hole.’

5 British A wood or concrete beam laid transversely under railway track to aid it.

  • ‘Bolts attaching rails to sleepers (US = ties) are marked having a vertical stripe of paint.’
  • ‘Another fundraising event may be the purchase of rail sleepers.’
  • ‘Black plastic between your sleepers and also the soil stop any leeching in to the soil.’
  • ‘The sleepers had not been removed, and also the rails, fish-plates and rivets counseled me ready, for we’d taken them from the siding around the abandoned area of the line.’
  • ‘I chose reclaimed railway sleepers to contain elevated beds round the garden.’
  • ‘The concrete is put between your sleepers and also over and between your reinforcement.’
  • ‘Some 6,400 yards of recent rail, 12,200 steel sleepers and 31,000 tonnes of ballast were utilised and introduced in by train instead of road.’
  • ‘The need still remains for any survey of permanent way – rails, sleepers and ballast – having a somewhat larger historic background compared to one provided here.’
  • ‘By 1863 some three million a lot of rails, sleepers and locomotives have been shipped to India from Britain in around 3 . 5 1000 ships.’
  • ‘Last week, 80 rivets were also taken off sleepers on the railroad located between your Ban Pa Rai and Ban Kong Sai Railway Stations in Muang District of Pattani.’
  • ‘Annually the guarana plant will produce 160 000 cement sleepers mostly for export.’
  • ‘We wish to grab some weather-beaten sleepers from Irish Rail after which rely on them to help the profile and texture from the finished concrete.’
  • ‘Rails were welded to sleepers within an operation targeted at supplying an easier, quieter and much more reliable journey.’
  • ‘In this situation, existing landscape determined the type of the track, not the other way round, and great attention was compensated to the style of rails, sleepers and trains to lessen noise.’
  • ‘These ranged from missing safety clips that contain the rail in position, missing bolts, cracked sleepers and eroded ballast in addition to worn-out rails.’
  • ‘The news comes only a year after 50 workers were release in the rail sleeper plant in Knockmay just before Christmas 2003 inside a move that stunned workers.’
  • ‘The rail, the fastening, the sleeper and ballast need to spread the 100-tonne weight of the heavy locomotive through the system.’
  • ‘In 1880 William Eldridge known as tenders for carting 80,000 sleepers to Gladstone Railway Station.’
  • ‘The rails and sleepers were lifted and also the track-bed was offered or provided to local maqui berry farmers.’
  • ‘You can certainly tell which wooden sleepers happen to be substituted for the concrete ones.’
  • ‘Some days ago, Billy have been found prostrate between your steel sleepers from the railroad.’
  • ‘Some 1400 kilometres of earthworks have to be completed before it will take the ballast, sleepers and rails.’
  • ‘Trains, paid by railway sleepers and metal plates, were utilised – and in the Franco-Prussian war when four were fitted to defend Paris throughout the siege.’
  • ‘Thirty point ends and components in another 47 is going to be restored, 9,000 sleepers is going to be replaced and 9,000 metres of track reballasted.’
  • ‘Supplies for example ballast, rails and sleepers are gone to live in the website by train.’
  • ‘A saw mill built in early years created 5,000 railway sleepers and rods for fencing.’

6 A sturdy fish with mottled coloration which occurs broadly in warm seas and freshwater.

Dormitator along with other genera, family Gobiidae (or Eleotridae): many species. See also cockabully

  • ‘Mason has proven indications of the talent which has many calling him the 2010 rookie sleeper.’
  • ‘Yet most gobies and lots of sleepers on the planet are marine.’
  • ‘There are a few predatory sleeper gobies that will get larger.’
  • ‘A heavy, deep sleeper, she’s.’
  • ‘They are generally referred to as sleepers, or gudgeons around australia and New Guinea, as well as in Nz they’re known as bullies.’
  • ‘I possess a golden mind sleeper and that he is very territorial of his burrow.’
  • ‘Most species of fish cannot tolerate such fluctuations, however, many gobies and sleepers have adapted physiologically with techniques which have enabled these to thrive.’
  • ‘I’m type of glad Kyle was this type of seem sleeper.’



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Sleeper, Definition of sleeper in English by Oxford Dictionaries

Sleeper, Definition of sleeper in English by Oxford Dictionaries

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Sleeper, Definition of sleeper in English by Oxford Dictionaries

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Sleeper, Definition of sleeper in English by Oxford Dictionaries

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Sleeper, Definition of sleeper in English by Oxford Dictionaries

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Sleeper, Definition of sleeper in English by Oxford Dictionaries

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Sleeper, Definition of sleeper in English by Oxford Dictionaries

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