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Personalize your sleep knowledge about this curated choice of modern beds varying from sleek Italian styles to sophisticated rustic looks.

SILK Bed from Huppe

The SILK Bed room Collection is made to inspire sweet dreams. The SILK Bed is really a modern platform bed having a unique headboard. The headboard features six distinct sections with light architectural details that allow daylight and ambient light go through the headboard, developing a warm and comforting atmosphere. Your bed and headboard are constructed from specifically selected birch veneer which provides your bed its timeless and complicated appeal.

Evelyn Bed from Calligaris

Evelyn Bed from Calligaris

Rest well around the chic and modern Evelyn Bed. Made to be fully upholstered (headboard and frame) and decorated with excess material flaps, your bed helps to produce a simple, cozy, yet contemporary bed room atmosphere. Obtainable in multiple upholstery options and finishes, find the correct bed for you personally so that you can sleep easily as well as in style.

The Situation Study® All downhill Bed has shown itself to become an immediate classic with easy and fluid lines, drawing inspiration from classic sporting equipment for example vintage tennis rackets and wooden skis. Beautiful and sturdy, this magnificent modern bed is built of 16 layers of United States walnut hardwood having a veneer made from wealthy walnut. With less pieces with no crucial joinery in weight-bearing areas, overall sturdiness and sturdiness are ensured.

The remarkable style of the Nelson Bed is a that can’t be overlooked. Regardless of what notice is viewed from, it’s one bed that seems to easily combine a stylish and fresh elements to produce a bed. Having a low composure and nearly hidden ft, the headboard is how the artistry of recent design is necessary. Because the softly sloping angles from the partly, upholstered headboard assistance to offer the bed, the headboard gives method to negative space while integrating two materials: wood and leather. The contrast of materials and contrast of angles alllow for a distinctive and unique bed. Get enough rest!

The definitive LAXseries Storage Platform Bed is the best marriage of form and performance with 8 spacious, moving drawers underneath the low lounging, superbly finished, wood, British walnut platform that will help you reduce clutter within the bed room and get a real minimalist aesthetic. The LAXseries promotes calm and reductive coping with pieces that contain subtly into spaces, without distracting or overwhelming. Understated, yet refined, this contemporary bed contains no extraneous parts or unnecessary additions.

Airbed from Lago

Let light stand out the glass legs of LAGO’s signature Airbed. No under-bed monster can hide behind these 1/2″ thick extra-obvious tempered glass legs. Put your Airbed anywhere within the room, because it needs no additional support. Ah too, the Kamasutra base provides entertaining reminders of possible fun that may be had on glass legs.

Offset headboard and unconventional design define the Rossetto Air Platform Bed. The heat of oak wood veneer blends seamlessly using the clean, geometrical lines. The headboard extends past the width from the bed, creating an empowering backdrop for the bed room.

Trama Bed, Twist from Pianca

Trama Bed, Twist from Pianca

Light and airy with a little warmth, the Trama Twist will unquestionably lull you into an enormous amount of enjoyable dreams. Distinctively designed, the Trama Twist brings home comfort and ease having a luxurious, leather headboard along with a bare frame that really help to produce a general attractive and warm atmosphere. Boost the convenience of your bed room.

Exactly what do you receive whenever a curved, upholstered headboard flows right into a slim, padded frame? One seriously good-searching bed. The Nook is stylish enough to help you wish to leave the lights on. Obtainable in ca number of colors.

Stylish, the Monroe Bed features clean lines having a recently designed footboard base. Your bed is completed inside a wealthy Wenge or Walnut veneer giving this bed durability along with a beautiful finish that gives outstanding tranquility to bed room spaces. Mattresses sit snugly atop a good pine-slat base for stylistic durability and added comfort. This contemporary bed includes a set of “floating” single-drawer nightstands, which attach seamlessly towards the bedframe. Supports U.S. standard mattresses.