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DIY Platform Bed With Floating Night Stands (Plans Available)

  • me me: I personally didn't have to have it higher because of my lupus. Being too low is not good for me being able to get up higher onto my bed and get out where my legs are straight is much better for me. But set up man
  • Gorkem Eren Aydın: delush
  • dlanorbackwards07: Soooo I should just buy a brand new bed?
  • Andrea Puryear: I love it… I want a bedframe now…You are so talented,and may u have continue success..
    .Have you thought of teaching in the future for families?
  • Guillermo Buelna: Wow, lovely work, thanks for share Best regards from Tijuana, Mx.
  • jerelyn reeves: Hunny, this is a temp bed? hummmm Once again you are great. I don't even do wood work, I just like to listen to you and watch you werk!
  • Chris Davis: Dang that’s good enough for some bar hippos..
  • Samantha Smith: If You can't afford a miter saw a alturnitive is to place a 4' by 8' particule board on the ground & set a circular saw to only a couple centermeter's below the thickness of the boards. Mark you're boards where you need them cut with a square & cut right on top of the particule board.
  • Shelia35: Love it, want it ❤
  • THE BLUE FRAME: I love creativity, you really motivate me to be proactive … tombs up ??
  • James Marshall Jimi Hendrix: His skills is beyond words.
  • – Cxx –: Anyone wanna pay me the plans?? ? i have the tools for it
  • Adrienne Scott: Keeping all those cords under control on the back side is so smart. I hate all the cords under our bed. I bet you could put one of those metal strip hangers on the back of the 1-inch piece so you could hang the headboard and remove it when you need to attach new or switch out any other cords for other electronic items.
  • buru hangu: You are amazing bro.
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  • Anthony Collier: This is really good work. This is exactly what I'm thinking about taking on. That's why I searched for these types of vids and yours is excellent.
  • Kent Skates: Your eyes bruh ? no homo but the beautiful
  • Tiago Monteiro: Just 10$????