1. Somebody that sleeps. I am an easy sleeper: I recieve woken up through the tiniest of sounds.She’s huge sleeper: it requires a great deal to wake her up.
  2. What lies dormant, like a law.
      • (Are we able to date this quote?) Francis Bacon Therefore let penal laws and regulations, should they have been sleepers of lengthy, or maybe they be grown unfit for that present time, be by wise judged limited within the execution [ … ]



  3. A spy, saboteur, or terrorist who lives unobtrusively inside a community until activated with a prearrangedsignal may participate a sleeper cell.
  4. A railroadsleeping vehicle. We spent an evening with an uncomfortable sleeper between Athens and Vienna.
  5. Something which achievesunexpectedsuccess after an interval of your time. A box-office explosive device if this first arrived on the scene, the show would be a sleeper, becoming a lot more popular decades after released.
  6. A goby-like bottom-feeding freshwater fish from the family Odontobutidae .
  7. A nurse shark (family Ginglymostomatidae ).
  8. A kind of pajama for an individual, especially a young child, that covers the entire body, such as the ft. Aaron, Devin, and Laura looked so comfy within their sleepers.
  9. ( slang ) A vehicle that has been internally modified to excess, while retaining a mostly stock appearance to be able to fool opponents inside a drag race, in order to steer clear of the attention from the police.
  10. ( slang ) A sedative.
      • 1995, Faithless (band), Insomnia (song) A minimum of a few days since i have last rested,
        Stored takin’ sleepers, however I keep myself pepped.



  11. A little starterearring.
Sleepers We spent an evening with


Synonyms Edit
  • ( goby-like fish ) : sleeper goby
Sleepers lot more popular decades after
Antonyms Edit
  • ( automobile ) : cop magnet , grain burner , racecar
Sleepers modified to excess, while retaining


Sleepers the entire body, such




  • Muhammad Adiyat Wahyudi: Save your money and swipe engine?
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