Discount Ashley Furniture Recliners on Sale


Discount Ashley Furniture Recliners on Sale

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  • Elegant Queen Bed room Set By New Classic
  • 4-pc Bed room Group With Queen
  • $1399.00

Like a local, individually owned chain of furniture stores, we attempt to use local furniture manufacturers. Chintaly Imports situated in Farmingdale, NY (about two hrs from your Red Bank/Middletown showroom) is among individuals companies. Become familiar with the organization and why you might like to purchase its products from us.

Barbara was fantastic! She required time to hear us and located us an attractive kitchen set. I can not wait so that it is delivered!

Review on sofa purchase

We’re very pleased with our purchase. Terry was very useful and sort. We’d certainly return when we need furniture and particularly request Terry to assist us.

Excellent Experience and repair

Joe McGrath was very useful to find the precise furniture I desired and making my shopping experience easy. The movers were punctual and also the rapidly setup all furniture to my satisfaction. I’d certainly recommend Home Living Furniture to famil.
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Excellent service from beginning to end!

In the warm welcome when my fiance and that i walked into home living furniture in Howell Nj, we understood this store was the main one to assist us furnish our new house. We looked around many big named stores and made the decision to put into practice Home Living following a recomm.
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Love this hutch

I purchased my hutch from Hemispheres in 2015 and merely like it. If only I’d other pieces enjoy it.


Ashley furniture sucks

  • Tracy Adams: )
  • amy kamrowski: Hmmmmm. My Ashley Love Seat and couch is over 20 years old. The recliners still work! No tears. No discoloring of the leather.
    Sorry your experience wasn’t the same!!!!
  • Humberto Treviño: yes this is me Ashley HomeStore Furniture my name is my last name is Trevino I'm not actually joking I know what Ashley Furniture is it when you buy beds it's on you by everything and I just said when I was a little girl I said that I want to work there I know what there I don't know how it happened I think it was a wish come true but you guys are really sweet thank you for going to Ashley HomeStore furniture I'm sorry
  • Gatorman: I have the same set now for 4 years, no issues yet 🙂
  • TCW: About 6 months ago, I bought a bed (headboard, footboard, rails–FABRIC COVERED) from Ashley. When it was first delivered, I absolutely loved it. It was made well, durable and looked high end. I got to enjoy it for about a week. This is when I finally realized I was being bitten up every night by bedbugs. At first I was thinking I was breaking out in some type of rash or something on my arms. I didn't consider bedbugs not even a second for about a week. Then one night it dawned on me. I got a flashlight to investigate and sure enough, I found bedbugs nestled quite comfortably in a few of the indentations in the headboard. I was mortified and disgusted! Let me just say I absolutely did NOT have (nor ever ) had a problem with these bugs in my home prior to getting this bed. I called Ashley to explain the situation to them. I asked them to replace the bed. They refused citing that there beds do not have bedbugs. LIARS!!!! I sent them proof but they still would not replace the bed. I was pissed and disappointed. I ended up throwing this brand new bed out! Money down the drain. Plus the additional cost to eracticate the newfound bug problem. Will NEVER shop at Ashley again!
  • Saphira20006: ”The Zero Gravity Chair is great, the delivery was smooth, and early! Great product,>>   would recommend for anybody looking for a massage chair”
  • bledzone231: Name ashely is so sad ????
  • WICKEDLEE LOOPY: All new furniture should have warranty of at least 12 months , so change it or get refund! Quality lounge suite should last at least 10 years
  • Kitty Kat: Im so glad that you didnt take it down. Going to save my family thousands of $$$ THANKS A BUNCH!!!!
  • punkenpy: This is the ugliest sofa I've seen. Why would you even consider this?
  • Johnny Doggs: Ashley signature series is the worst loveseat you can buy! I threw mine out immediately after trying unsuccessfully to fix it with wooden boards and more foam . Probably cost about 200 for those wooden boards and foam pieces I bought on the side . The Ashley loveseat cost $399 what a mistake!
  • Soua Moua: Thanks for letting us know
  • Roxic12: I agree Ashley furniture quality is not good. It used to be good 15 years ago, but no longer. I had a couch that was horrible.
  • Brett Barker: Go to ffo home
  • Thomas Ward: Sorry but anyone looking to buy a motorized recliner sofa should expect problems….
  • Rhonda Stevens: spent over 2,500 dollars on a couple of "leather" automatic recliners. TRASH!!! Pure trash. Yep, I even bought the so called insurance…. oh, that doesn't cover where the fabric separates. Now it would cover if a saber tooth tiger ripped it up. Nice huh? Robbers. That is what I now call Ashley Furniture.
  • Scott Hollingsworth: I bought an Ashley furniture leather living room set similar to yours from Bakersfield Ca.The build quality was terrible. The lift top table wheels broke within the first couple of weeks. A quick trip to the hardware store fixed that. The quality of the wheels was not adequate for the weight of the table. The sofa and loveseat were understuffed by at least 50%. With the wrong foam and poly fill material. Zipper on one arm was broken when delivered. I contacted the store and they sent out a repair tech promptly. He ordered new leather bottoms, with the right kind of foam, repacked and added more poly fil material to my wife's satisfaction, the tec was great, tried to fix it but it was never right. It took 3 service calls and the furniture ended up having to go back to their shop to complete the repairs. We tried to live with it but it hurt our backs so badly we could not. All we wanted at this point was to return the furniture for a refund. We ended up having to contact the corporate office as the store could not help at this point. We settled for a store credit for the original purchase price. We purchased another leather set, a different style and more expensive than the original furniture. We have had the new furniture about 6 months with no problems so far. I must say that i was extremely dissatisfied with the build quality of the first sofa and loveseat but the customer service we received was good overall. I wish we had never purchased Ashley furniture.
  • Nicole Watson: I just purchased the Oberson reclining loveseat and sofa by Ashley a week ago. I got the manual model because I was afraid the power would crap out on me, plus the manual model was a whole lot cheaper. My husband and I both sat in a similar model by a different brand that costed around 3,000. We are only paying 1600 for our set, and now that I have seen reviews of Ashley furniture, I am a bit worried. It is supposed to be delivered in a couple weeks. We purchased from a home store and the manufacturer is building it custom before they have it delivered, so not sure if buying from Ashley directly makes any difference or not on quality.
  • T Stamps: I just got had by Ashley furniture with the durablend. It's peeling and nothing that can do to help me. I spent alot of money on my living room set.
  • Gavin Swilley: We have electric couches