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The best nightstand or bedside table provides you with a handy place for whatever need along the way to rest during the night or when you are getting up each morning – a great studying lamp, your phone and charger, along with a glass water. However a modern nightstand completes the feel of a modern day bed room like a stylish accessory for your bed room. Pick the perfect bedside table from Room & Board’s assortment of contemporary and modern nightstands.

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Despite the fact that a nightstand is really a smaller sized furniture piece, it will make a large style statement. The designs for the nightstands are inspired through the same influences as our furniture, including Shaker, Asian, Mid-century Modern, Danish and humanities & Crafts.

A lot of our nightstands are members of collections so can furnish all of your bed room, from nightstand to armoire to dresser and bedframe, with similar feel and look. If you are searching for any nightstand to coordinate with pieces you already own, or maybe you’re searching to consider a far more eclectic approach, Room & Board offers a multitude of sizes, material and designs to select from.

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Our nightstands produced in the U . s . States are made in the finest domestically sourced and imported materials. We use sustainable materials whenever possible included in our dedication to eco-friendly furniture.

You’ll find choices which include wood and delightful wood veneers in varieties which include cherry and walnut. Natural steel, stainless, glass and gemstone make appearances, too, in small tables and floating wall shelves which make ideal nightstands.

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Built by artisans in places for example North Dakota, Vermont, Minnesota, Latvia and Italia, our nightstands feature fine woodworking and metal-working techniques, in addition to quality hardware and casters. You’ll find features for example mortise-and-tenon joinery, mitered corners, hands-welded stainless, dovetail joinery and full-extension ball-bearing glides for simple frequent lowering and raising drawers.

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DIY Mid-Century Modern Bedside Table / Nightstand with Ebonized Oak | How To Build – Woodworking

  • How I made: lol might as well just go on wayfair and buy it for 49.99
  • Riding With The Reid's: Lol you know the Ikea stand was crying as it was listening to you build the new night stand.

    Once again, a beautiful piece of work. I would love to make something like that for my woman's side of the bed. I have a bare engine block with a piece of glass on top for a nightstand on my side of the bed….so I can't really complain. lol

    Awesome video man, I Love it!! Cheers!

  • John Prinsloo: I think that if you went with Shou Sugi Ban to make the nightstand black, it would have complimented the geometric design on the front and added more texture and character to the finished piece 🙂 maybe for a next project.
  • Congrue Woodworks: How do you like the India ink finish over time?
  • Matevž Krajnik: These look awesome! You should have added a wireless charger like in one of your last builds. You wouldn't see the wire and in the evening you'd just place your phone down 🙂 but really awesome nonetheless!
  • Half MT: Was it necessary to use band clamps and bar clamps to glue the carcass together?
  • Coby Corpron: Cool project Johnny! Can I ask a bit of a newbie question? Why did you choose to router the rabbit, and not say… cut it on the table saw before you assembled it? Does it help for a more consistent depth?
  • Kelly Teeples: As a woodworker who just moved to the Asheville area, I gotta ask. Where in the heck are you finding your lumber around here? Coming from a big city, I didn't realize how spoiled I was when it came to being able to shop for supplies.
  • Michael King: Very cool build!! One question… What is playing in those headphones while you work?
  • Alex Fang: Are the drawer fronts made from white oak as well? I really like the color of the finished product. Is that the natural color after applying finish? What type of finish did you use? I’ve always worked with walnut but now I want to try some other wood 😀
  • Michael Laugesen: Being a Dane i am offended by coating beautiful light oak in a dark finish (I saw your book on the nightstand). Just a heads up
  • Joe C: DIY with my drum sander lol
  • Microforce Complete Solution: Awesome Build I like the laser on the front…..
  • Carter Penner: I built One it turned out awesome
  • Taylor Odlozil: Where do you get your background music?
  • Daniel James: Just an idea, probably won't see this but you can get those rubber tacks you tend to use as feet on stuff, so they don't scratch surfaces etc. Could you put those behind the drawer so it closes quietly. Saves waking up the wife up in the middle of the night 🙂
  • Way Woodworking: Great work!
  • Ady Unixmoment: i love yr squat…this is what we want from you haha
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  • Gavin Davidson: Hey Johnny, thanks for the reply. I suppose what I’m asking/requesting. Are you able to do a video to build a similar table or a table similar to the kerfed one you previously did without using the big machines such as joiner’s and planers? Thanks a lot