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No Nightstand, Not A Problem: 12 Unusual Items to Use Rather

Exactly what is a nightstand, anyway? Obviously everyone knows exactly what the pieces recognized as nightstands in the furniture store seem like: little tables, usually having a drawer or shelf. But all a nightstand is really, at its most fundamental, is really a spot to place the stuff you might want immediately prior to going to sleep or immediately after you receive up, so it’s not necessary to lean over awkwardly and get your iPhone in the floor. Realizing this, plenty of clever everyone has repurposed all sorts of non-nightstandy things as nightstands. Listed here are 12 in our favorite examples.

A collection of Vintage Suitcases

Above: The house of actress Constance Zimmer via My Domaine shows precisely how fun it can speak to have fun with furnishings and shake some misconception. She was missing a nightstand somewhere of her bed, and thought it may be smart to cozy in the place by getting in a number of the vintage suitcases she has been collecting for a long time.

A old trunk utilized as a nightstand includes a awesome, old-world vibe — and consider everything you can stash inside! Seen within a bed room from Lily, via SF Girl by Bay.

Should you consider it (and that i hope this does not help make your mind hurt an excessive amount of), a seat already is a nightstand anyway: every chair is basically a brief little table having a back onto it. Therefore the chair-as-nightstand is not an excessive amount of a stretch, although it may be better to mount bedside lamps on your wall (as seen here), because of the truth that some chair seats aren’t perfectly flat (and to reduce chair seat property). Image from Bo Bedre, via SF Girl by Bay.

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Drum as nightstand: funny, cheeky, and, if you’re able to locate one in a thrift store, less expensive than buying traditional furniture. Spotted on Design*Sponge.

Ladders appear to become endlessly helpful around the house (we particularly like it within the family room to trap blankets and throws), but we are also diggin’ the utilization within this bed room from Twelve on Primary.

Alternative Ideas for Nightstands, Apartment Therapy difficult for

A Bar Cart

Not only for booze any longer. Spotted on Coco + Kelley.

Alternative Ideas for Nightstands, Apartment Therapy lean over awkwardly

Bonuses whether it’s a Chanel No. 5 barrel (which we suspect is really a DIY, from Casa, via Planete Deco).

A Componibili

It’s difficult for all of us to cover our passion for these industrious little classics of contemporary design. They are small, inconspicuous, and supply lots of places for stashing stuff to prevent visual clutter. Image from Nuevo Estilo, via Apartment Therapy.

The basket-as-nightstand (seen within a bed room from BHG) may appear just a little unusual, but it might be an enjoyable, cool choice inside a guest room (or anywhere coralling books may be the primary concern). This really is another situation in which a wall-mounted lamp will be a wise decision, since a lamp inside a basket may well be a bit odd.

A collection of Books or Magazines

Because most people’s nightstands are stacked with books anyway — why don’t you eliminate the middleman making a nightstand from books? (Or magazines, out of the box the situation within this bed room from Elle Interior, through the House and Hold blog.) I’ll admit: I have seen this in several place, and I am still not convinced it is a factor real people would do and not simply a styling trick. But I am intrigued through the resourcefulness and ease from it all. Have you ever seen anybody do that? Attempted yourself to it? Made it happen really work? Or have you always end up attempting to browse the book at the base from the stack?

Alternative Ideas for Nightstands, Apartment Therapy styling trick

The desk-as-nightstand setup, seen within a bed room from Lonny, is a terrific way to make furniture do dual purpose in small apartments.

And when you are really short on space, shelves may be all that’s necessary. Within this super-narrow bed room, spotted on La Maison d’Anna G, shelves mounted on your wall near the bed serves all of the necessary nightstandy functions (with some help from the windowsill). A wall-mounted lamp is simple to change off before you go to sleep.

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