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Metal Beds

Butler Human Services has designed a number of metal beds that considerably reduce hiding areas for bedbugs.

Butler Human Services - Metal Beds needs and individuals


  • Our Metal Beds have Easy clean powder coated finishes
  • Our Metal Beds have Tooless set up which will make them easy to setup
  • Our Metal Beds have Welded frames – eliminates more harboring places for bedbugs
  • Our Metal Beds can be found in Standard or XL
  • Our Metal Beds can be found in Twin, Double and Queen-size
  • Our Metal Beds possess a Modern design and tubular steel construction (recycled product)
  • Our Metal Beds possess a Heavy gauge steel component
  • Our Metal Beds possess a ten year warranty
Butler Human Services - Metal Beds ten year warranty     
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Also, look into the Bed room Portion of our website for beds and related products.

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Find Comfortable Bedbug Resistant Metal Beds and Mattresses at Butler Human Services

Regardless of type of institution you’re assisting to manage, your visitors or residents wouldn't prefer to face bedbugs anytime- as well as your institution really can’t pay the negative repercussions of those unwanted pests. Why risk getting bedbugs whatsoever? By embracing Butler Human Services, you are able to avoid bedbugs with this bedbug resistant metal beds and bedbug resistant mattresses.

Butler Human Services - Metal Beds So begin trying

Bedbug resistant beds and mattresses don’t need to be uncomfortable. On the other hand – at Butler Human Services we proudly offer incredibly comfortable and classy bedbug resistant beds and mattresses which your residents or visitors will make sure to enjoy. Our bedbug resistant beds and mattresses are presently helping numerous institutions across the nation and we’re positive our bedbug resistant beds and mattresses will fit your specific needs and individuals of the residents perfectly.

Your residents or visitors will love amazing comfort with this number of bedbug resistant metal beds and mattresses. So begin trying to find the right durable pest-resistant beds and mattresses today inside our website. During our website you may also find out more about the myriad other great furniture we proudly offer. For those who have any queries or need help with ordering, then don’t hesitate to make contact with us directly by telephone at 1-877-852-0784.

Butler Human Services - Metal Beds find the right durable

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