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For more than 40 years, Cathouse owner Craig Spencer continues to be gathering and in original old antique iron beds in the 1800’s. Initially beginning his business while attending George Washington Univ. in Washington Electricity and “picking” an over-all type of antiques, throughout his home condition of Pennsylvania, for local dealers in Electricity, he began focusing in on which would eventually be his specialty……. antique iron beds.

Antique Iron Beds & Iron Bedframes

Your bed you select states a great deal in regards to you. It can serve as your retreat from the demanding day. It defines the whole bed room and is an essential furniture piece within the bed room and, frequently, the whole house. Because of so many styles and materials readily available for consumers to select from, it can be hard to be aware what to obtain. When choosing this type of major home purchase, you should concentrate on the stuff that matter most for you, for example dependable durability along with a classic style which will maintain its elegant appearance for many years in the future. For individuals who’ll accept no under the most effective in beds, Cathouse Beds in Malibu, California offers the most effective in antique iron beds and vintage bedframes. The classic iron beds for purchase at Cathouse Beds possess a time-honored looks which will fully stand up with time and produce pleasure for many years.

Restored Iron Beds for Purchase

Iron beds were lengthy the option of European and American households for a lot of reasons. The symmetrical great thing about the solid iron bedframes added a statement of fashion and performance superbly intertwined. They convey a little class and are a symbol of reliable sturdiness all at one time. Iron bedframes have numerous strengths besides timeless artistic design and lasting visual appeal. Tough and sturdy, wrought iron beds supports anywhere of weight without suffering structurally. Additionally they require hardly any maintenance to ensure that they’re in superior condition and therefore are hard to damage. Rest within the comfort and strength of the striking wrought iron bedframe from Cathouse Beds for many years in the future rather than compromise on quality or style aesthetic.

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With more than 40 experience in converting and refinishing original wrought iron bedframes in the 1800’s, Cathouse Beds provides you with an attractive choice of vintage iron bedframes which have been transformed into fit modern king- and queen-sized mattresses. We follow the greatest standards in the industry, therefore we can offer good quality while delivering serious decorator impact. We try to always keep the initial symmetry from the original double iron bedframes and also the fine integrity from the original designs. We simply change what’s essential to keep our vintage iron bedframes functional and artistically intriguing.

Canopy Beds – Antique Metal Beds

We provide several vintage iron bedframe designs that will help you focus on the slight nuances inside a certain design that pulls your attention greater than another. Everyone includes a different preference with regards to the fine points of looks so we provide a lovely number of style elements, each using their own individual features. Select from Brass, Tops, Corners, Tubing, and Castings to discover what you like most when choosing your wrought iron bedframes from Cathouse Beds. Whichever you select, you’re going to get a good iron bedframe with one-of-a-kind-appeal.

Antique Iron Beds, Victorian Vintage Bed Frames, Cathouse Beds At Cathouse Beds, we provide

At Cathouse Beds, we provide a number of iron bedframe styles that every reflect a period when wrought iron beds enjoyed their peak. Our collection includes the skill Deco type of the 1920’s and 1930’s, using its sleek elegance and nontraditional style ornamental Art Nouveau from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, using its bold curving lines Austere (or Depression Era) type of the 1930’s, using its concentrate on functionality instead of decorative aspects solid Builder style in the first quarter from the twentieth century and also the wonderful elegance of Victorian style. We feature Geometric, Scrolling, and Tailored styles in vintage bedframes. Choose the one which you’re most attracted to and make an ideal mixture of classical and contemporary style that can make a bold statement in your house.

Browse the different iron beds for purchase at Cathouse Beds today and purchase the standard and artistic splendor of the true vintage treasure.

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