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Viscoelastic Foam in Mattresses

What’s Visco-Elastic Foam?

Visco-elastic foam, also generally referred to as foam, has existed for around 4 decades now. The fabric was initially introduced by NASA for use wide shuttle seats. It’s come a lengthy way since that time and it is now utilized in the development of foam mattresses, toppers, and pillows.

Kinds of Bed mattress Foams

You will find three primary kinds of foams getting used within the bed mattress industry today: Latex, Memory, and Visco-Elastic (foam).

Each foam is made of various materials and offers another sleeping experience.

Based on bed mattress expert Sean Fry, foams make the perfect choice for mattresses since they’re “able to contour towards the shape and curves of the body inside a unique way, which considerably reduces pressure points.“

So, do you know the key variations in between each kind of foam? We’ll highlight what each foam is and just how they differ:

  1. Latex foam: Mattresses created using this foam are recognized for being natural and sturdy. They are among the most eco-friendly mattresses available on the market plus they provide excellent support and can last longer than memory and foam mattresses.
  2. Memory foam: This is actually the most everyday sort of foam utilized in mattresses and comes from oil. They’re considered non-toxic when the chemicals have reacted. It’s one of the most economical choices, however this bed mattress doesn’t provide just as much support as latex or foam mattresses.
  3. Visco-Elastic(foam): This bed mattress uses exactly the same chemicals like a memory foam, it has added chemicals to produce that signature foam imprint seen on bed mattress ads and bed mattress commercials. As it is much denser than its counterparts, it absorbs more pressure while offering more support. Because of the materials and chemicals accustomed to get this to foam, the bed mattress has a tendency to sleep hot also it won’t sleep as “cool” as latex.

No matter which kind of foam you decide upon for the bed mattress, bear in mind the greater the density from the foam, the greater the general durability….but additionally more costly.

Must I Buy Visco-Elastic Foam?

Visco-Elastic foam mattresses are highly regarded in client satisfaction because of their motion isolation and pressure-point relief. Proprietors also are convinced that resting on foam helps ease their overall discomfort.

Here are the primary benefits from resting on visco-elastic foam:

  • Durable—memory foam mattresses come with an average lifespan of seven years.
  • It “remembers” you—memory foam contours for your unique sleeping style and the body shape which will help alleviate discomfort.
  • Less inclined to sag — they’re 30% less inclined to sag or compress than innerspring mattresses.
  • Good motion isolation — because there are no coiled springs, you’re less inclined to feel your partner’s movements.

There are several disadvantages to visco-elastic foam, though:

  • Off-gassing — a significant drawback is the fact that foam mattresses have a tendency to emit odors and may off-gas for approximately per month.
  • Maintains heat — because of the chemicals used, foam mattresses have a tendency to “sleep hot.”
  • Could be pricey — the manufacturing for these kinds of mattresses are pricey and therefore are passed onto you, the customer.
  • Less supportive, much more comfortable — visco-elastic mattresses provide comfort(think layers of foam)and less for that support they offer(think a method of innersprings).

Foam mattresses are a good choice for you if you like motion isolation, pressure-point relief, and durability. If you choose to decide on a foam bed mattress, make certain to look into the foam densities and also the chemicals used.

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What is Viscoelastic Memory Foam, Loom and Leaf Sleep Blog

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What is Viscoelastic Memory Foam, Loom and Leaf Sleep Blog

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