Memory Foam Mattresses – What You Need To Know (Cost, Care, Heat)


What’s The Hype About Foam Mattresses?

Benefits and drawbacks of Foam Mattresses

You may think foam is really a recent technology, but it was initially discovered within the 1970s by NASA. This space-age material, initially produced for plane seats, grew to become a tight schedule-to bed mattress of seniors trying to relieve aching joints.

Why Is Foam Mattresses So Comfortable?

Viscoelastic is called foam since the foam forms around the body and remembers it. It’s slow moving qualities, so once you press lower onto it and release pressure, it’ll stay in that shape for any couple of seconds before springing support.

Because the foam pushes lower and fits around the body, it may ease pressure points and aching joints.

What Exactly Are Some Pros of Foam Mattresses?

Foam mattresses are popular for a lot of reasons. Use them because:

  • They’re prone to reduce being restless during the night, the leading reason for poor sleep.
  • They distribute bodyweight evenly, which assists the body correctly and doesn’t cause painful pressure.
  • Foam mattresses might help injuries heal faster, because the foam doesn’t put pressure on painful points in your body.
  • These mattresses are created with substances which are resistant against allergens, as opposed to other mattresses that may contain as much as ten million dustmites inside following a couple of many years of use.

What Exactly Are Some Cons of Foam Mattresses?

There has been some complaints about foam mattresses through the years. These have incorporated:

  • Heat. Some foam bed mattress proprietors complain that foam become warm during the night, which may be nice during the cold months, but otherwise miserable, particularly if you’re a naturally warm sleeper. However, some foam mattresses now have a air conditioning.
  • Harsh chemicals. When foam mattresses were first made, these were laced with lots of dangerous chemicals like chemicals. Nowadays, because of government rules and public concern, less harsh chemicals are utilized. However, foam isn’t frequently as eco-friendly as other natural mattresses.
  • The quicksand effect. Since foam contours itself towards the body, many people complain they feel stuck, and like they’re sinking to their bed. While it may be comfortable with a to literally permeate bed, others think it is constricting. Temperature-sensitive foam may be the worst offender of the common complaint.

What types of Foam Mattresses Exist?

You will find three primary kinds of foam mattresses: traditional, plant-based, and gel foam.

Traditional Foam: Fitting and Oil-Based

Traditional foam mattresses haven’t altered much given that they first made an appearance within the 1970s. They’re still produced from oil-based products, too, which environmentalists are under enthused about.

Plant-Based Foam: Springy and Natural

Some foam mattresses are plant-based and employ coconut foam, soy along with other plant materials. These mattresses spring back more rapidly than traditional foam mattresses and also have a cleaner footprint.

Gel Foam: A Cooler Option

Gel foam is a mix of traditional foam and gel, which may be inside a layer from the bed mattress or combined with foam through the bed mattress mold.

Many declare that gel foam is really a cooler option than traditional foam. However, less research has been done about gel foam, so durability and breathability haven’t been proven.

Foam versus. Other Mattresses

The very best bed mattress option depends upon the sleeping habits of the individual searching for any bed mattress. Foam mattresses are frequently pitted against latex mattresses, spring and coil mattresses, and hybrid beds.

Foam versus. Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are recognized for springing back more rapidly than foam mattresses. Sleepers who move about a great deal during the night might find that latex mattresses would be best, given that they reform towards the body more rapidly.

Foam versus. Spring Mattresses

Foam mattresses are thought much more comfortable than spring or coil mattresses, as foam distributes weight evenly over the body, thus relieving pressure points along with other pains and aches.

Foam versus. Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses may well be a good fit for sleepers who find coil mattresses too firm and foam too contouring and hugging. The very best fit for you personally depends positioned on that which you find comfortable as well as your sleeping patterns.

Exactly what do Foam Mattresses Cost?

Foam mattresses can be very costly, costing 1000s of dollars with respect to the logo and size the bed mattress. Less costly brands can be found, however, some costing under $100, again based on size.

Other available choices can be found too, including foam bed mattress toppers and bed mattress pads. They are cheaper options – usually below $200, with respect to the size and brand—and still provide a lot of enhanced comfort that full mattresses do.


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