10 Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress


10 Advantages of a Foam Bed mattress

See what foam mattresses have to give you and why those are the top-rated bed mattress type around.

In the last two decades, the foam bed mattress has transformed from the novelty right into a popular, affordable option to ubiquitous spring beds. Behind this transformation may be the revolution in comfort and technology the fabric offers.

We begin with a few quick history. Throughout the space race within the 1960s, many innovative products and procedures were developed which have benefited humanity.

Visco-elastic foam is among individuals innovations, initially produced for NASA in 1966. The fabric was meant to cushion and deflect the tremendous results of gravitational pull felt by astronauts during remove and re-entry in to the earth’s atmosphere.

After potential applications for that medical and consumer fields were recognized, visco elastic foam was offered to some public company which may eventually introduce foam mattresses within the 1990s. This marked a significant breakthrough within an industry which had seen little advancement in nearly a hundred years.

As understanding of foam and it is use within mattresses spread, consumers started to take serious notice from the distinct benefits the fabric offers. Growing recognition and innovation spurred a number of manufacturers to go in the area. Today foam mattresses take into account 20% of industry sales (and growing) and rate greatest in owner satisfaction based on Sleep Such As The Dead’s research into reviews.

Main Reasons People Chose Foam Mattresses

If you’re interested in foam beds, become familiar with the advantages these kinds of mattresses offer to find out if one might meet your needs exactly.

1) Pressure Point Relief

The recently innovated visco foam first converted into medical applications. Foam has been around since the healthcare industry to cushion, safeguard and luxury individuals in hospital intensive care units as well as in motorized wheel chair seat cushions.

Basically, whenever a person lays in place for any lengthy time, pressure of downward pulling gravity and upward resistance in bedding materials can impact circulation and damage soft tissues caught in the centre. Pressure-relieving advantages of foam were utilised to assist prevent pressure sores and reduce discomfort in sensitive areas.

This really is still among the core advantages of foam beds. Whenever you lay lower on foam, the fabric yields and adjusts for your shape, instead of forcing you to definitely contour into it. Unlike springs along with other materials, foam doesn’t “push back” or place added upward pressure around the sleeper.

2) Support Back/Spine Alignment

A foam bed mattress supports each area of the body evenly and individually by distributing unwanted weight over the bed’s surface. The bed mattress contours for your body’s curves, supporting the low back and allowing your spine in which to stay an unbiased position.

On many other materials like springs, weight is usually focused on areas that contact the bed mattress. Typically, shoulders, sides and heels bear the brunt. For back and side sleepers, this frequently means the the lumbar area isn’t adequately supported. Back discomfort and muscle tension can happen without critical support.

This displacement may also put the torso in an abnormal position in accordance with your neck or legs, making more tension and discomfort.

3) Relieve and stop Discomfort

The initial mixture of pressure point relief and support present in foam mattresses sets happens for relieving current discomfort and stopping discomfort too. Nearly all foam bed mattress proprietors report reduced discomfort mainly in the back, sides and shoulders in reviews.

The fabric is another favorite of individuals with painful condition like joint disease and fibromyalgia. By supporting correct alignment, contouring towards the body and never placing added pressure on sensitive areas, sleepers’ physiques may feel optimal comfort. Reduced discomfort can also be connected with better sleep, offering another advantage.

4) Different Positions Could Be Covered

Regardless of whether you enjoy sleeping lying on your back, stomach, or side, a foam bed mattress can hold any position. Visco foam is made to mold and cradle every aspect of the body evenly which enables you to definitely settle to your preferred position without pressure points. There’s also an array of firmness possibilities to support different needs.

For back sleepers, foam curves for your spine, supplying excellent lumbar support and allowing the back to unwind. It really works with side sleepers by accommodating sides and shoulders while still supporting your waist to maintain your spine even. As well as for stomach sleepers, foam assists in keeping the back fit and stop painful pressure points.

5) Motion Makes No Difference

Motion can produce a large amount of waves in traditional mattresses, which could mean disturbed sleep for couples. This is often a particular problem for couples with various schedules as well as for light sleepers.

One key advantage of the foam bed mattress would be that the material absorbs motion and isolates instead of transferring it. When one individual will get up out of bed or will roll over, their partner isn’t bounced around or jolted from sleep.

6) Dust Mite Minimization

Dustmites are an inevitable fact of existence. Almost every home has them, and something place they thrive may be the bed room. They’re mostly harmless, however dustmites are among the main reasons for indoor allergic reactions.

An average innerspring bed mattress might have between 100,000 to ten million dustmites within it! The fluffy fiber padding and enormous open spaces allow dustmites to burrow in, congregate, and collect inside a traditional bed mattress.

The kind of materials used and also the dense structure of foam discourages dustmites better. There simply aren’t as numerous places to allow them to live and thrive. Mixing a foam bed mattress with hypo-allergenic bed mattress covers and regular surface vacuuming will help control and mitigate dustmites inside your bed room.

7) Hypo-Allergenic

Foam mattresses are ideal for allergy sufferers. Almost as much ast the dense nature repels dustmites, additionally, it limits other allergens like mold and pet dander from working their distance to the bed mattress.

The types of materials used are largely hypo-allergenic (great for individuals with made of woll, feather, or any other fiber allergic reactions). Certain kinds of foam like Amerisleep’s plant-based Bio Pur material are lower in VOCs, meaning they’ve virtually no offgassing which will work for people responsive to smells and harsh chemicals.

8) Perfect Fit for Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds happen to be growing in recognition in the last couple of years, and foam mattresses remain certainly one of their most compatible partners. Foam readily flexes using the adjustable base and contours towards the base’s different positions without compromising durability.

The character of foam implies that sleepers are supported and pressure points relieved if the bed is angled or flat. Other kinds of beds like innersprings are usually stiffer, and comfort and support could be compromised in various positions.

9) Easy to look after

A foam bed mattress is a reasonably low-maintenance commitment when it comes to upkeep. These kinds of mattresses can usually benefit from rotating a couple of occasions each year and from periodic vacuuming, but that’s the only real maintenance the typical user will have to do. There isn’t any monthly flipping/rotating needed, no springs to bust, with no electronic parts to visit haywire.

10) Good Durability

Another core benefit provided by foam mattresses is the good durability and lifespan. The typical foam bed mattress lasts around seven years based on Sleep Such As The Dead, with greater quality foams (greater density within the core and foam) lasting up to 8 to 10 years. Additionally to staying longer, foam is significantly less inclined to sag when compared with innersprings.

From lasting comfort to some cleaner bed room, a foam bed mattress plays a role in a much better night’s rest in lots of ways. Individuals who buy foam beds will also be more likely to report overall satisfaction than innerspring proprietors.

If you are interested in foam, find out more within our foam bed mattress buying guide or check out Amerisleep’s plant-based foam mattresses. Amerisleep beds provide the advantages to be created with eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices. All of our mattresses comes suggested by over 97% of verified reviewers, too.

What’s your knowledge about foam? Exactly what do you want most in regards to a foam bed mattress or which benefits are most significant for you?

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Rosie Osmun

Rosie may be the Creative Content Manager and resident author at Amerisleep. She finds the science rest fascinating and loves researching and covering beds being an ambassador from the Amerisleep brand. Her favorite bed mattress may be the ultra-plush Liberty Bed, and she or he can also be enthusiastic about traveling, painting, languages and history.

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