The Original Purple Bed Isn – t Another Mattress In A Box


The Initial Crimson Bed.The world’s first no-pressure bed mattress.

Life’s way too short to become uncomfortable. So you shouldn’t be.

Satisfy the bed mattress that single-handedly made other mattresses obsolete. Scientifically-built to be soft in which you need it, firm where you really need it for pressure-reducing support and comfort. It’s science you are able to sleep on.

Responsive Knit Cover

Custom, super-soft knit that gives a lot of stretch to assist increase the flexing qualities from the Smart Comfort Grid™. The breathable design also promotes air flow which means you sleep perfectly awesome.

Purple® Smart Comfort Grid™

Engineered to unwind directly beneath your pressure points, while firmly supporting all of your body. To put it simply, it softens to cushion shoulders and sides, and supports your body’s natural shape for additional comfortable sleep.

Plush Comfort Foam

Soft, high-density memory* foam made to boost the responsiveness and feel from the Smart Comfort Grid™.

*Certified by CertiPUR-US

Support Foam

Medium-firm, high-density memory* foam provides structural support towards the bed mattress.

*Certified by CertiPUR-US

Adapts for your pressure points.

The Crimson Smart Comfort Grid™ adapts towards the unique shape of the body to dynamically relieve pressure in your joints, points, bumps, and edges.

Stays perfectly awesome.

Having a temperature-neutral, open grid design, Crimson disperses body heat and enables air flow, which means you don’t awaken overheated and under-rested.

Prevents motion transfer.

Because of its unique design, Crimson technology has the capacity to isolate and dramatically reduce motion transfer from whoever, or whatever is within bed along with you.

Made in the united states

No-pressure reassurance.

Relax with Purple’s 100-night risk-free trial offer and premium 10-year warranty — should you not like it, we’ll get it and you’ll get a full product refund. Crimson includes free* standard shipping right to the doorstep.

*Contiguous U . s . States only. HI and AK shipping charges is going to be calculated at checkout.

Why everyone loves the initial Crimson Bed.

Ideal for any budget.

Get all of the comfy advantages of a Purple® Bed mattress in a cost point which makes both of you physically and fiscally comfortable.

Feels diverse from every other bed mattress.

Purple’s unique feel is really a entirely unique type of awesome – it’s like resting on the belly of the little science-powered cloud.

No-hassle financing and shipping.

Start experiencing the magic of Crimson very quickly with % APR financing options and free delivery right to the doorstep.

My first night, and each night since, happen to be the very best sleep I have ever endured. It’s insanely comfortable. JESSICA C. 5-STAR Amazon . com REVIEW

Let’s compare. May the very best bed mattress win.

Crimson Smart Comfort Grid™


Reduces Pressure Points

Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid™ is made to dynamically flex pressurized so that your shoulders and sides are correctly cradled and supported. No pressure through the night.

Heat-Activated Compression

The greater your body temperature activates cells, the greater the foam gets warm and collapses pressurized, and also the less cushioning it may provide. Ain’t nobody got here we are at that.

Sleeps Awesome

The Smart Comfort Grid™ enables for lots of temperature-neutralizing air movement under and surrounding you for any consistently awesome bed mattress through the night lengthy.

Sleeping Temperature

Frequently utilized as insulation because of its heat-retaining abilities, foam is really a closed-cell memory foam that doesn’t allow easy air flow. This, consequently, can result in an excessively-warm sleeping experience.

Lasts Through The Night and Forever

The bottom of the initial Purple® Bed consists of top-quality ultra-durable memory foam. All of the foam Crimson uses is certified by Certi-PUR US, and should stay comfy night after night, every year.

Breaks Lower With Time

Crimson guarantees the sturdiness from the ultra-durable Hyper-Elastic Polymer® Smart Comfort Grid™ having a non-prorated 10-year warranty. Ask your buddies how lengthy their foam lasts.

Read ‘em and sleep.

A large number of verified testimonials.

My spouse and i were in desperate will need a new bed mattress, as our old you created such deep dents that people literally needed to “roll” up out of bed. To be the investigator that i’m, I could not just buy any bed mattress and so i spent per week online searching up different brands. We’d learned about Crimson from the friend who purchased and stated only excellent achievements after doing a little more research around the bed mattress and company I had been offered! Now we have had our king-size bed mattress for nearly 30 days and we’re loving it!

SIDE SLEEPER April 18, 2018


The Crimson bed mattress is unbelievable. It is not soft or hard or firm. It’s everything and none from it. There aren’t any pressure points, hotspots, or soft spots. You simply lay lower and you are there. Comfortable, not restricted like foam, in almost any position. You forget you are on the bed mattress. There’s absolutely nothing to really compare it to. It truly is different and there isn’t any returning.


Butter Bed

My spouse and i made the decision to buy a crimson after our standard bed mattress was fading. After hrs of research we made the decision on the crimson. The very first couple of days around the new bed required getting accustomed to, only one morning both of us automobile up, checked out one another and stated ” this bed is much like butter”. Then i made pancakes, put an enormous pat of butter on the top of these and ate them within our new ’butter bed’. Thanks Crimson!!



What’s the Crimson Bed made from?

The Crimson Bed is made from ultra-high-quality materials engineered for that perfect synergy of durability, luxury, and discomfort relief.

Comfort Core Top Layer: 2” Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ material in Smart Comfort Grid™ Non-toxic polyethylene copolymer powder coating Middle Layer: 3.5” 1.8 lbs density memory foam – Certified by CertiPUR-US® First Layer: 4” 2. lbs density memory foam – Certified by CertiPUR-US®

Breathable Stretch Cover Color: White-colored Fabric Content: Knit Fabric: 29% Viscose, 67% Polyester, 4% Lycra (all +/- 5%) Weight: 450 g/m2 (+/- 10%) Non-Slip Bottom: 100% Polyester stitchbond with non-FR coating Fire-proof: Non-Toxic Knit Barrier (not chemically treated)

Why is Crimson diverse from other bed mattress inside a box brands?

Specifically engineered for total pressure relief and unwavering support, Purple’s patented grid technology has been utilized and tested rigorously within medical and consumer applications for more than twenty years. For the reason that time, the people of Crimson have researched the various bed mattress materials to be aware what pairs best using their existence-altering technology. Here’s the things they found:

  • Foam does not consistently provide you with the give you support need at night time and usually sleeps hot.
  • Latex foam has a tendency to break lower rapidly, departing you inside a pit of high-priced despair.
  • Traditional spring mattresses don’t relieve pressure and cause a lot of motion transfer, as well as the squeaking.
  • Adjustable air beds cause you to choose from hard bed problems and soft bed problems, departing you having a sore back or stiff joints.

The ultra-durable Purple® grid technology cradles your sides and shoulders while providing you with the support your system needs and also the comfort you crave. Pair it with dynamic, specifically-designed fabric-encased coils, and also you get complete, immersive comfort through the night, every evening.

The Crimson Bed will come in Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Master.

What’s the main difference between your Original Crimson Bed mattress and also the New Crimson Bed mattress?

The Initial Purple® Bed is made having a 2-inch layer from the Smart Comfort Grid™ atop two top-quality memory foam comfort base.

The Brand New Crimson Bed mattress comes the selection of 2, 3, or 4 inches from the Smart Comfort Grid™ over Purple’s unique luxurious Responsive Support Coils. These coils are made to work seamlessly using the Smart Comfort Grid™ for enhanced pressure relief and spine alignment.

Because of Purple’s patented Smart Comfort Grid™, all bed mattress options will give you the scientifically magical soft-where-you-want-it-firm-where-you-need-it comfort and support you anticipate.

So which Crimson Bed mattress fits your needs? Everything comes lower to the way you would like it to feel.

To put it simply, the thicker the Smart Comfort Grid™ layer, the softer your bed will feel – and you’ll receive superior spine alignment and back support through everything!

So as of firmest feel to softest, the mattresses are listed below: Original Crimson Bed Purple®.2 Purple®.3 Purple®.4

Will the Crimson Bed use any bed foundation?

The Crimson Bed works great on any flat, sturdy foundation. Whether putting it around the Purple™ PowerBase or Platform, slats, box foundation, adjustable bed, or perhaps the floor, your Crimson Bed will sit pretty in almost any room. Begin to see the Purple® Bed mattress warranty to learn more.

You complete me.

There’s more to some bed than the usual bed mattress. The Purple® Sleep System has all you need which are more comfortable sleep experience possible. Best of luck works harmoniously to unlock an entire ‘nother comfortableness.

The Crimson Pillow

The Crimson Sheets

The PowerBase

Prepared to have this party began?

Searching for that All-New Crimson Bed mattress?Gain levels your comfort.


Original Purple Mattress Review + Casper Comparison (2018 UPDATE)

  • Nathan Donaldson: Take a shot every time he says "pressure relief" or "relieves pressure"

    He says the same thing about 3 or 4 times back to back…

  • Melissa Gandy: Interesting. Completely different take on it than Theslumberyard review. Guess you have to just try it out for yourself.
  • InJeffable: I owned the Original Purple Mattress for a few weeks and then had to return it. It felt great in the beginning, but the foam seems to be its Achilles' heel. I weigh probably close to 300 lbs. and the foam just didn't hold up under my weight. The structural integrity on one side of the mattress was pretty much gone after a few weeks. If I rolled from the side of the bed I didn't normally sleep on to the side I normally slept on, it was like rolling down a hill.

    Now don't get me wrong — I still like their hyper-elastic polymer. But I think I understand why they went with pocketed coils for their newer mattresses. I'm sure those mattresses hold up far better to heavier people like me. Unfortunately, they're also very expensive. So I ended up going with an even swap at Mattress Firm for a Kingsdown Passions mattress (discounted from its normal $1,800 price).

    Something else I should probably mention for heavier people considering the Original Purple Mattress is that 9.5 inches is not very deep. Even in the beginning, I didn't want to flop down onto it for fear that my backside would bump into the platform underneath. In that respect, it seemed more like a really nice futon than a proper mattress.

  • Abby Yates: Between the purple and the Casper, I think the biggest deciding factor is whether you sleep hot or not. I personally found the Casper to sleep too hot even in a cold room.
  • Reagan 01: I am kind of lightweight but want to almost sink in to the bed. The mattress I have right now is really firm and I want a “squishier” mattress. Any suggestions on what company or style I should look at?
  • Kirstie Carter: I've been very intrigued by the Purple mattresses; their marketing is undeniably pretty great. I especially love the sound of the 4" New Purple, but that price point is a hard pill to swallow and I wonder if there are any other mattresses of any brand that may work well for me. Do you have any suggestions based on the following.

    – 5'8" and fluctuate between 160 and 180lb.

    – Combination stomach and side sleeper – maybe 60% stomach, 40% side.

    – Like a soft weightless feel, but need support for my stomach sleeping.

    – Have wide hips and very easily feel sore or almost bruised on my hips and shoulders if sleeping on a firmer mattress.

    – I like a slight bounce; I hate that old tempurpedic / memory foam feeling like I've sunk into quicksand and can't roll or move easily.

    – I tend to sleep hot.
  • paul pellico: well…i tried and all three made me feel like i was swishing back n forth every time i made the slightest move.
    too much a waterbed feelling.
  • Bahae Eddine BLCH: very intersting things gooddddd
  • 22Jordan23: On the purple, when youre laying on it, can you feel the squares from the polymer? I know you'll be able to feel the polymer as a whole, but can you feel each individual square. Im looking into buying the purple 3, personally.
  • Karayah Holly: Also, Queen Purple2 is $1599, Purple3 is $2199, & Purple4 is $2799.
  • Karayah Holly: Interesting. I'm 5'2" and 215lbs. I thought it was great for laying and sleeping on my back, but it was way too firm for my side. It was as if I sunk through the top gel layer and was laying on the firmer transition layer, which really aggravated my pressure points. Perhaps because my weight is so concentrated and I'm curvy. ?‍♀️