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Frequently Requested Bed mattress Questions

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Spent most of the existence asleep, so help make your bed right into a restful haven! With an accumulation of products that vary from plush to Master, Ashley HomeStore includes a bed mattress that may help you sleep soundly — whatever your bed mattress needs are!

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How Lengthy will a Bed mattress Last?
Mattresses possess a lengthy shelf existence, and that’s why they’re considered a good investment purchase. Most mattresses continue for 7-ten years but could keep going longer based on care. However, a foam bed mattress may last more than ten years because of the supportive and sturdy high-density foam which makes these mattresses special. With good care along with a bed mattress protector, natural latex mattresses may also last more than ten years.

How you can Clean a Bed mattress?
Just when was the final time you cleaned your present bed mattress? We frequently forget, but giving your bed mattress an intensive clean is really a necessary chore that prolongs its durability. You begin by stripping it of their sheets and vacuuming the whole surface using the upholstery attachment in your vacuum. Make certain to obtain deep in to the crevices of the bedframe and headboard to capture all of the dust bunnies. Then, scan the bed mattress cover any stain and spills you need to place clean. A great upholstery or enzyme cleaner will make certain that stains disappear very quickly. To provide your bed mattress a pleasant, refreshing scent, deodorize with sodium bicarbonate. Never be stingy, you should use upwards of a complete box of sodium bicarbonate in this step. Following the bed mattress continues to be completely covered, allow it to take a couple of hrs — it’s best to get this done task before leaving for work so that your bed is clean when you receive home. Once you’re ready, vacuum in the sodium bicarbonate and fill up your deodorized bed with clean sheets along with other bedding.

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How Big Bed mattress to purchase?
There are many bed mattress sizes available available on the market, however the sizes you’ll need for your house ultimately rely on your individual preference as well as your intended purpose. A Twin bed mattress is a superb choice for young children to develop to their teens. If your little one needs more length choose a Twin XL, the standard bed mattress size for school dorms. This bed size is another great choice for single adults who’ve a smaller sized, cramped room. A Complete bed mattress is wider than the usual Twin but smaller sized than the usual Queen, which makes it well suited for single adults or perhaps a couple that does not mind snuggling up throughout the night. The Queen-size bed mattress is easily the most popular size since it’s ideal for both single adults and couples to sprawl and sleep in. Arriving by having an additional 16 inches of width may be the King. This bed mattress is identical height like a queen but provides lots of space for sleeping, watching movies and cuddling together with your fur babies. Many people think a Master is largest bed mattress you can purchase, but actually it’s four inches shorter. What it lacks for wide, it can make in height by having an additional four inches long over a standard King — ideal for taller individuals. If you wish to find out more about what sort of bed mattress you should purchase, read this useful bed mattress guide.


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Ashley Furniture Chime Hybrid 12" Mattress unboxing

  • Master: Precious little babies how sweet thanks for video.
  • onlythatforeign: Thanks helped me open mine I just got today in queen size. Love it love it so comfy
  • Concetta Malloy: it's basic
  • Krystal Myth: Thanks for this. <3 Her jumping on the bed helped me factor in the softness and bounce. Very helpful. You have a beautiful family, I envy you. Ty again.
  • nisha mahat: This mattress i got from amazon and it is not good .. it pressed all the way down and not comfortable.. i am suggesting please don’t buy this mattress.. i try to return but there is problem in rolling and packing because its heavy and huge mattress so i cant even return it..
  • Michelle Bixon: Hey was this a queen size or king?
  • Jessica Wilson: how is the bed so far? we are thinking of buying one.
  • Becky With The Good Hair: Is it comfortable