Compare Mattresses, Leesa and Sapira


Select from two amazing mattresses for much deeper rest

Beginning at $595

Our classic all-foam bed mattress that a large number of customers love. The Leesa provides a pressure-relieving and responsive sleep experience without feeling hot.

beginning at $995

Compare Mattresses, Leesa and Sapira sleeping styles Enhanced cooling top

Our luxury hybrid bed mattress features enhanced comfort and recovery layers as well as an active pocket spring support layer that adjusts for your pressure points.

Leesa Foam Bed mattress

10″ Foam Construction

Adapts to any or all physical structure & sleeping styles

Enhanced cooling top layer

Improved pressure relief

Balanced body contouring

Compare Mattresses, Leesa and Sapira pressure-relieving and responsive sleep

Minimal motion transfer

Sapira Hybrid Bed mattress

11” Foam & Spring Construction

Adapts to any or all physical structure & sleeping styles

Focused pressure relief

Compare Mattresses, Leesa and Sapira Leesa Foam Bed mattress

Active body contouring

Enhanced edge support

1,000+ Individually wrapped pocket spring core

risk-free trial offer

Compare Mattresses, Leesa and Sapira Foam Construction Adapts to

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Sapira vs Leesa Mattress Comparison | Best Bed In A Box

  • slee474: Hi Jeff, 1st of all, Thx so much for the very informative videos!!!
    I’m looking into buy Sapira Mattress, but I want to have more options,, Did you made your pick of best mattress video yet?
    If you did, can you pls send me a link? or If you not, Can you give a 2nd choice of brand to buy Mattress Thx so much!
  • Christin Perkins: Thanks for the info!
  • Keith: What bed would you choose sapira or purple 3 or 4?
  • Dan Hebert: Sapira is a very firm mattress in my opinion. It’s going back as soon as the 30 days are up
  • Tamara Marson: Confused by your comments at the end of this video that Sapira is the best bed In a Box. You did a top 5 video in Sept 2017 and neither of these mattresses were featured there.
  • Wtf wtf: Thanks
  • Michael Tobler: if couldn`t get a Sapira from Leesa i wish Casper mattress would add Pocketed Coils to the Casper so it wouldn`t be as soft or a Sealy cocoon Hybrid with one foam of Pocketed coils what do think Jeff and what i could do to get that either Casper or Sealy to do it because i know we would love to see either one of the company make one those mattress or both
  • M S: My wife and I are really small (<130lb), and we are both predominantly side-sleepers, but we both prefer fairly firm mattresses (when we bought our current, 15-yr-old mattress, it was the firmest in the store). I really can’t stand that feeling of sinking into a mattress at all, and I have much fewer issues with my sciatica sleeping on my side vs on my back. So I’m not sure what to make of the “side-sleepers prefer soft mattresses” that literally every mattress review parrots.
  • Nathan Dunn: What are your thoughts on sapira vs purple 2? I like both. Not sure if there are any others I should consider? I am a stomach sleeper and my girlfriend is a combo.
  • Melissa West: Which is better for side sleepers?
  • Richard: It’s ‘Voila’ (“Vwallah”)…not “Wallah”.
  • vacationboyvideos: U look like Shia LaBeouf but hotter!!!!!!
  • rodhoutx: Great review and just in time! I’ve had the Leesa mattress for 18 months and was looking for something just a tad firmer particularly on the edge to help get out of the bed. Also missed the bounce of a spring mattress (but didn’t want to go back to all spring), so the new hybrid beds look like the best of both. Using your discount code 🙂
  • Christian Bouligny: Where can I get that American flag wall art?
  • Michal Lubczynski: Do you use sheets on your mattress or do you use it bare?
  • Sharky: Any chance you guys will do a Puffy Mattress Review, sounds like it could be a great option for people with back pain…
  • Jims Sessions: 6th!
  • Marco Cordero: Could review Dromma Bed. This mattresses series have been very useful of me. Thanks
  • ImpatientTurtle: SNOOZE.
  • AlejandroFornite23: What bed frame is that I really need to know