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Tranquility Lounger

Tranquility Lounger

A Tranquility Lounger (named Visiontrons in Fallout 3 concept art [1] ), and also called an immersion recliner, is really a virtual reality-based stasis device. Even though the Tranquility Lounger looks like it’s effective in keeping its occupant alive indefinitely (particularly, halting or at best slowing aging), you will see some effects, and finally the consumer is going to be too weak to outlive with no pod’s existence-support system. The loungers are equipped for civilians, and injuries or dying occurring inside the simulation doesn’t harm their actual body this safety feature could be disabled and avatar dying can lead to massive user cardiac event. The loungers do measure vital indications of the occupants which may be viewed by individuals outdoors from the simulation. One situation particularly, Old Lady Dithers, comes with an alarmingly high level of stress – speaking to her inside the simulation signifies that they has notice the virtual reality and it has gone somewhat insane.

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Background Edit

As pointed out above, the Tranquility Lounger can be used to get into a Vault-Tec prototype simulation. The virtual reality itself was created by Stanislaus Braun, who uses the simulation to fulfill their own sadistic urges, apparently on a single engine utilized by Virtual Proper Solutions employed for the Anchorage Reclamation simulation. The simulation operates on a Think Machine 3600r mainframe.

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The loungers are largely self-contained and also the Vault continues to be operating without outdoors human intervention for more than two centuries. You will find, however, several robobrains which have a tendency to the machines and supply jumpsuits upon request. The lounger’s approach to operation is unknown – two monitors surround anyone’s mind which is visible showing images of the present simulation, however this would hardly be sufficient to produce a believable virtual reality.

The loungers are only able to be located in Vault 112, along with a Vault 112 jumpsuit is needed to go in them. Stanislaus Braun was accountable for their installation, and it has been running various simulations with numerous unwitting participants since prior to the Great War. The simulation’s current active program, Tranquility Lane, continues to be running for roughly 170 years (presumably including many resets). Twelve loungers take presctiption the primary floor from the Vault, although only nine of those were initially occupied. Braun also offers an individual lounger in the office and it has disabled the power for other users to exit the simulation. When the Lone Wanderer visits the Vault, just one lounger can be obtained Body empty lounger is damaged and yet another is occupied from your father.

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Notes Edit

  • When within the room that contains the Tranquility Loungers, should you jump to the side of 1 and appear inside you will find that the non-player figures inside every lounger are identical character model and appear the identical, all except James (your father), obviously.
  • When entering your personal Tranquility Lounger, Betty’s face will briefly flash around the monitor prior to the simulation starts.
  • Once the tranquility lounger opens, the seem that plays is equivalent to a Vault door opening.
  • Should you go into the Tranquility Lounger without asking your spouse to hold back, they will not exist whenever you emerge.
  • The Tranquility Lounger model can be used in Fallout: New Vegas as Mind Scribe Taggarts combat simulators, by using console instructions you are able to noclip within the simulators and find out the monitors included are playing the slideshow of black and white-colored Tranquility Lane pictures.
  • Though putting on an Vault 112 Jumpsuit is needed to go in the Tranquility Lounger, James doesn’t put on one while he’s within the lounger.
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Appearances Edit

Tranquility Loungers only come in Fallout 3

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Behind the curtain Edit

Based on pre-release concept art, [2] the Tranquility Loungers in Vault 112 were connected to a Simtek 6000 supercomputer.