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“Overall good”

I labored at Loungers part-time

Great place to operate. fairly typical bar work.

Sometimes very demanding with poor management.

Interesting frank review, and sorry to listen to inside your particular location there have been a couple of issues. Obviously thanks for visiting call us via thevoice@loungers.co if you want me to follow-up

I labored at Loungers full-time (Under annually)

Free food and occasional on shift (in case your a supervisor)
Loungefest is a great staff party – a totally free small festival installed on annually for those employees.

A business that sounds good in writing and lures you along with an incorrect claims of taking care of staff. You soon understand your only a number for them and will also be labored to the ground without any reward for doing this.
The organization is losing staff two times as rapidly as hiring them, to valid reason.
Management obtain a severe insufficient training but they are likely to try everything and become offered at an impulse – you’ll offer work 60+ hour days and gruelling lengthy shifts without any breaks.
They pay out 13 occasions annually (4 weekly) knowing you will not exist a complete year which means you never obtain the full wage you anticipate, 23k annually sounds great for a helper manager but actually you receive the same as 19k every month but get taxed just like 23k.
Management do not get tips though it may be frequently only management on shift.
The power plan doesn’t have structure, your not told tips to get a bonus, just how much it’s or whenever your getting it, it’s totally as much as your regions operations manager plus they can alter this because they think fit.
Once you show any type dissatisfaction with the organization they’ll manage you out of trouble of the organization which means you leave plus they do not have to sack you.

Advice to Management

Stop opening new venues Evey two days and concentrate on sorting what you have.
Take much more of a success on profit, if you wish to seem a business that’s great for employees you have to invest more directly into training and permit the managers to possess better work existence/balance.
Pay must be greater and prevent fiddling staff from their bonuses.

I am sorry to listen to of the experience. There’s numerous points made which aren’t accurate so would appreciate having the ability to know how you’ve truly feel by doing this, and just what must be addressed. Please get in touch via thevoice@loungers.co . More Less

I’ve been working at Loungers full-time (Under annually)

Near to home. Try something totally new

Insufficient management. No longer working to my potential. Insufficient focus

Advice to Management

More practicing management and do not employ lazy people. Push hard workers to an advaced status.

Interesting honesty around your experience up to now. Encourage you to definitely make an appointment with your Ops Chef when he’s next in so he is able to focus on that potential and allow you to progress around.

I’ve been working at Loungers full-time

Great culture and difficult-working spirit having a entrepreneurial familial feel.

High paced and ever-altering and challenging.

Interesting honest view. High paced and ever-altering we undoubtedly are. Great to listen to you are loving the task!

“Front of house bartenders / waiter”

I labored at Loungers part-time (At least a year)

Relaxed working atmosphere, good perks installed on the free festival known as lounge fest annually that is fun.

There is too little tips because of the fact that buyers need to order in the bar, nonetheless they have encouraged table touching which permitted to provide extra service and elevated tips.

Advice to Management

Good management overall however, when my manager left there is a little bit of difficulty finding another manager which left the assistant manager in control lacking the necessary experience.

Interesting fair feedback. Sorry to listen to you possessed a blip whenever your manager left, however that you appreciated our perks, Loungefest and also the atmosphere inside your Lounge. Wishing you each success for future years. Maybe you’ll recover eventually? Our great Loungers frequently do. . More Less


I’ve been working at Loungers full-time (Under annually)

There is a great ethos and culture within the organization – everybody is aboard using what causes us to be great and it is genuinely proud to take part in it.

There is lots that CC and LO could study from eachother and share more.

Hi! Interesting feedback and agree we’ve plenty of talent both in brands who could share their ideas more.

“Working at Loungers”

I’ve been working at Loungers (Greater than ten years)

Dealing with real people. There is no an absolute sense of delivering a ’genuinely’ great customer experience & a set management structure. in position to do this. Everyone contributes in their own individual way no matter position.

Not scared to ’break the rules’ if staff or visitors may benefit.

Possibilities for advancement will also be very real, climbing the ladder should you apply on your own is very achievable.

No escaping the truth that hospitality is really a 7 day per week occupation but within its field Loungers is a great one of methods to handle this – not a disadvantage..

Interesting honesty and fair feedback by what we are centered on, and also the seven day nature in our business.

“Cosy Clubber for existence. “

I’ve been working at Loungers full-time (Greater than five years)

Loungers Reviews, Glassdoor and LO could study from

I really like employed by cosy club, always the choice for progression and also have always treated me amazingly!

when employed in site the hrs can be quite lengthy.

Hi! Interesting honest feedback about the ups and downs. Great to listen to you are feeling you’ve been treated amazingly and also have had chance to advance your job around

“From humble beginnings to big player”

I’ve been working at Loungers full-time (Greater than five years)

Work-existence balance
Great salary/hourly rate
Approachable managers
Career progression
Very achievable bonus plan
Greater managers pay attention to staff and customer views/opinions
Good communication from director to site level

If I’m honest I can’t really consider any. #lovelounging

Interesting feedback concerning the highs. Great to listen to you #lovelounging ! We certainly anticipate ensure that is stays up and ongoing to enhance what we should do

“Good Company”

I’ve been working at Loungers full-time (At least a year)

The folks are what result in the job enjoyable and there’s no dull day.

The meals quality and hospitality is first rate be our competitors.

Route of progression is amazing with the organization really attempting to promote internally to help keep exactly the same values and culture!!

Pay is nowhere near competition for management.

Loungers Reviews, Glassdoor Also thanks for visiting get

Benifits aren’t great, like no healthcare or vehicle allowance.

There’s an excessive amount of try to squeeze into your 48hrs per week. With deadline and expectations to rarely fall under 70hrs and seriously reduce your individual time, frequently resulting in barely a day off per week.

Advice to Management

Enhance the pay structure.
Then add benefits.
Consider the expectations and work to advertise and positive work/existence balance.

Hi! Interesting feedback concerning the highs, lows and just what you want to see put into our employee’s package. Please confer with your Ops concerning the hrs so that you can acquire a better work/existence balance. Also thanks for visiting get in touch via thevoice@loungers.co . More Less

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