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We concentrate on Metal Headboards in contemporary and traditional styles, sizes, types and finishes. Our metal headboards are indexed by this, however knowing what type of metal headboard you’re searching for then use our metal headboard filter around the left from the page.

We’ve sourced the very best metal headboards from round the United kingdom and abroad. Select from numerous metal headboards including brass headboards, nickel headboards & chrome headboards. Metal headboard colours include black, silver and white-colored either in floor standing or filled with struts.

Unsure how to suit your metal headboard for your bed, our comprehensive guide can be obtained which is at length whether your investing in a metal headboard with struts or perhaps a floor standing metal headboard.

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All About Walls : How to Hang a Headboard on the Wall

  • Katherine Meigl: Just go to woodprix website if you want to know how to make it yourself.
  • Nannette Battista: Nice video. However you should take instructions from woodprix website if you want to learn how to make it easily.
  • Claudia Garcia Ayala: Thanks for the clear instructions!!
  • Garzon Laperle: Im using woodprix instructions to make it and I do it already 🙂
  • dongiovani25: Any advice for hanging a headboard in a Condo? I don't have wood studs, but the steel. They're fairly thin and not sure they're as strong as wood, so I was a bit nervous installing.
  • Joy Evans: Great demo. However, I tried the stud finder idea with kitchen magnet…didn't work. Anyway, why would a magnet detect wood?
  • Kimberly Kelly: Awesome. Love this guy. Very easily and simply explained. Thank you!
  • Sharon Montour: Will this work for a brass bed?
  • Rachell M L.: excellent idea thank u so much…. i was struggling before with my headboard… thanks
  • C_ Farther: Joshusa, I have a challenge for you. I want to hang a 50 lb mirror disassembled from a dresser, I want to hang it vertically on a wall. The curves are beautiful. Could you recommend a video or give quick directions? There is little on the sides to screw anything into the mirror. Seems impossible but when I hold it on the wall, it is beautiful.
  • C_ Farther: oh my gosh, this was so great. Thanks for posting.
  • Followmeitwill Beallright: thanks. am doing this today. hopefully. just after i cover my headboard with foam and a curtain to match the window curtains. perfect size material. staple gun to make spots for buttons. glue on buttons.easy and simple. right? 🙂 i am still on the couch…but it looks like a great plan so i better get moving! ~
  • Wander With Purpose: Thanks for the idea!
  • Fatima Kinton: Thank you so much!! I'm working an a little project. <3
  • Angie W: thank you! I was trying to fig. out how to hang my headboard… was thinking French Cleat or other expensive hardware. NOT!! I already own the materials you used. I'm gonna hang my headboard tomorrow!
  • Eddy84711: "and thats how you hang a headboard…….(thumb points to the wall) on the wall"…..boooom
  • Lorenzo Carrillo: Super helpful! Thanks a million!!
  • Goldfishie25: I loved this.  If made me smile. (:
  • Brittani Vickrey: Wonderful!! Very clear instructions! You're awesome!