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Live Edge River Table | Woodworking How-To

  • Fix This Build That: Great, video brother. That thing turned out completely amazing.
  • Raven Sanchez: That table is a piece of art! Absolutely beautiful work!
  • Whatever: That's tabe is ripe for a rich hillbilly
  • Callum Milligan: whats the name of the music?
  • Adrian Perez: what do you use for the final coat to bring that color out?
  • jerome jordan: That is by far, the most beautiful table I've ever seen. Well done fella's, thanks for sharing !
  • Alicia Baella: Beautiful??
  • CC Media: you should reupload without the music.
  • Movies by E: Congrats on 100k subs.
  • Claudio Zirilli: Woow… How did you cut the glass???
  • TreeLogic LLC: Beautiful table.
    As gorgeous at it is, and I hate being "that guy", but the glass is going to break one awful day. And it's not quite a flat surface. Nothing like a bumpy table to aggravate you. I feel like a translucent blue epoxy resin might've worked better to remedy those issues.

    Practicality aside, it's a stunning slab of walnut and really is a beautiful showpiece.

  • Woodworking: that table looks like a piece of art, it belongs in a museum! great build, well done, congrats!
  • Jarom Merrell: or you could use resin
  • cavyboy99: Looks nice but man y'all did that like the hardest way possible
  • Floriz Plays: How much Will this be?
  • djihad zetchi: There is no epoxy material in the table
  • Sally Wedel: I could not hear the name of the sealer product because of the music , please tell me the name again. Thanks db
  • Tamim Ahmed: Great
  • lukgaroo: Errrrrr … You could've cut the time in half using epoxy resin. No worries in future of breakage of the glass
  • Gaviano Fernando: Bellissimo