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How Do You Fasten a Headboard to My Bed?

If you have a normal bedframe inside your bed room, it doesn’t have a headboard attached. And odds are, you’ll wish to brighten your look with the addition of one! What exactly must you do? Continue reading to get tips about how to go ahead and take hassle from adding the right headboard for your bed.

Look at your bedframe

First factor to complete is to have a look at the bedframe. Most frames include brackets in their structure. Not everybody realizes that’s what they are for, though, so make certain the brackets are generally around the mind side from the bed.

There's also two kinds of brackets usually available on bedframe, that are suitable for two of the most common kinds of headboards: secure-on or hook-on. Secure-on is easily the most common. A bedframe intended to be screwed on may have slots within the bracket, while you will see hooks in the finish of the hook-on frame. It's important to make certain that the bracket style matches your headboard style, and the other way around. In case your dream headboard doesn’t match, though, not a problem! You’ll simply need to adapt the bracket around the bedframe to really make it fit another style, which you'll do by utilizing extra parts.

A secure-on and hook-on bedframe bracket.

Look at your headboard

Obtain the headboard from any packaging and provide it a once-over for just about any damage. Then, should you didn’t already, look at your headboard to make certain it'll match your bed frame. You can try the legs. A headboard intended to be screwed on will often have holes for that bolts drilled in to the legs, while a hook-on leg may have slits in which the hooks attach. The headboard also needs to have the various components you have to connect the 2 pieces. Otherwise, it's important to discover what’s missing and find out if it may be replaced.

Attaching a secure-on headboard

These steps can get you through most fundamental secure-on headboard and bedframe combinations. However, each bit differs, so make sure to browse the instructions first!

How Do I Attach a Headboard to My Bed Sleep on It stay away from walls


  1. Slowly move the headboard and also the bedframe out of the wall to provide yourself room to operate. You might want to put something lower in your floor to safeguard it from damage, and stay away from walls to avoid scuffs and scratches.
  2. Stand the headboard in place from the bedframe (you might want an additional set of hands here). Align the underside screw holes within the legs from the headboard using the slots within the bedframe brackets.
  3. Slide a washer onto a secure in the incorporated parts. Insert the secure via a slot within the bedframe bracket and in to the particular headboard leg hole. Slide a washer to the secure if it is protruding on the other hand from the headboard leg. Screw a nut to the secure until it is only finger-tight.
  4. Repeat on the other hand. It’s usually simpler to obtain each side secure before you decide to add some remaining bolts. Then go on and attach another bolts to every leg exactly the same way.
  5. Make sure that the headboard continues to be centered, side-to-side, by calculating the space in the fringe of each headboard bracket towards the fringe of the headboard legs. Make use of a carpenter’s level on the top from the bedframe to make certain it sits even.
  6. Since the headboard is incorporated in the right place, tighten all of the bolts using pliers or perhaps a wrench to help keep it secure.
  7. Look into the bolts on the rear of your headboard legs. When they protrude through, you might want to cover these to make certain it normally won't damage your walls (or other things).


This cottage-style headboard includes holes for bolts. The holes are lengthy to ensure that frames of various heights could be attached.

How Do I Attach a Headboard to My Bed Sleep on It increase your frame

Attaching a hook-on headboard

Here are a few fundamental steps for attaching a headboard intended for hooks for your bedframe. The initial step is equivalent to for any secure-on version, in which you ready your space to possess enough room and stop damage. Next:


  1. Stand the headboard in place from the bedframe so the slots within the headboard leg face your bed frame. Again, this really is simpler after some help. Align the slots within the leg using the hooks within the brackets.
  2. Insert one finish from the hooks somewhere from the bedframe in to the slots within the leg.
  3. Repeat attaching the hook in to the leg on the other hand.
  4. After you’ve connected all of the hooks, push lower firmly around the bedframe rails to lock the brackets into position.


Since there aren’t any bolts that may poke through on the other hand, you do not need to bother about the hook-on version scratching your walls.

The Abbotsford headboard is perfect for hook-on bedframes or side-rails.

Why not a footboard?

Once you begin searching at at matching footboards, they're usually offered plus a headboard and side-rails. If you have one of these simple headboard/footboard/side rail systems, then you need to put that together first. Sometimes you will not have to attach it towards the bedframe, and a number of them have a platform or slats so its not necessary a bedframe (or box spring) whatsoever! The treatment depends on design for the piece.

How Do I Attach a Headboard to My Bed Sleep on It face your bed

Should you choose have to fasten a footboard for your bedframe, it’s almost exactly the same process as attaching a headboard. However, most bedframes don’t include footboard brackets. Therefore the first factor it's important to do is get some footboard brackets to increase your frame. They’re usually pretty simple to attach, but make certain this added piece is safe before you decide to add almost anything to it. Then just stick to the same steps above!

Haven’t found the best headboard? Require a sturdy bedframe, or accessories? Take a look at our selection next time you’re searching to change your bed room style.

How Do I Attach a Headboard to My Bed Sleep on It bolts to

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