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Shop our assortment of metal headboards , upholstered headboards in a number of fabric types, patterns and colors, plus wooden headboards made from oak, antique pine or beech. Select from countless shapes, styles and sizes varying from minimalist to decadent. From single bed headboards, well suited for kids and guest beds, up to and including king-size headboard, queen headboard and super king-size headboard.

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Maiden Oak Headboard

Windsor Oak Headboard

Edwardian II Headboard

Bed Headboards, Bed Guru - The Sleep Specialists or housemates

Thornton Oak Headboard

Is the style just like your neighbours’? Maybe your kids’ or housemates’? Did not think so. Regardless of whether you prefer Parisian chic or Medieval inspired headboard designs twisted from metal, a geniune vintage look or something like that minimalist and contemporary, we are able to give you a bed headboard to enhance it.

Bed Headboards, Bed Guru - The Sleep Specialists We currently offer bed

Your brand-new made-to-measure Bed Guru headboard will require stage or sit understated inside your bed room, whichever enables you to most joyful. From one to king-size headboard, a dual headboard or super king, every option is yours. And we are here that will help you.


Need assistance eliminating your old bed and bed mattress? We currently offer bed and bed mattress removal services.* Offered at checkout.

Bed Headboards, Bed Guru - The Sleep Specialists made from oak, antique pine

*Bed and Bed mattress removal is just available when choosing a Bed and Bed mattress like a combination. Doesn’t include dismantle from the bed.



Bed Headboards, Bed Guru - The Sleep Specialists From single bed headboards

10 Worst Feng Shui Bed Headboards are silently killing you

  • Perfectly Imperfekt: Best solution… no headboard, just blank solid wall. Saving you money. Lol
  • The B1 66-ER: Now I know I have a good one 😀 THX!
  • Issa: The video doesn't resolve anything all negative so what is a good feng shui with bed?
  • Blue Bushido: Number 10 was confusing. Open spaces? Where?
  • oi oi elaisjia: Lol
  • Janeth Llandres: what is a good fung shui bed
  • Charlene Cruz: All that was given was bad headboards. So what's the best headboard for good Feng Shui?
  • Emmy Del Rosario: Then remove all headboards…that's simple.
  • Myrian Valenzuela: Then dont use headboards at all. That solve the problem.☺?
  • Grace Lu: Just don't use headboards 🙂 sinple
  • Noah Hughes: I completely agree! Even looking at some of these headboards I can clearly see they are not suitable for a bedroom.
  • Phu Dao: Superstition.
  • Mystery 24H: 10 Worst Feng Shui Bed Headboards are silently killing you
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