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  • Daybed that expands to some superking bed
  • Zipped bed mattress enables easy expansion

  • Daybed with customer bed stored beneath
  • Obtainable in black or white-colored

  • Upholstered day bed
  • Soft velvet fabric
  • manufacturers United kingdom BASED
  • first class service
  • quality products
  • nationwide stockists

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Mattress Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

  • Smug Smugly: I am often met with a response of shock when I explain to someone that dogs are being used to sniff out bedbugs. Not only can they detect bedbugs, studies have shown dogs to be as accurate as 97%-98% at locating bedbugs. Dogs can be used to locate low level bedbug activity that can be easily missed by the human eye.
  • gothops154: Thank god for consumer reports so I know I’m not watching a Casper ad that “isn’t an ad”
  • Anhad Singha: What kind of mattresses are used in hospitals?
  • Nan Wu: Anyone with back pain and found a great mattress please let me know. I am currently sleeping on the floor right now.
  • Ever Changing Me: Ugggh!
  • Jenny Cadoret: I agree that finding a good mattress is very tricky. both my husband and I are side sleepers and we are average sizes. is there one you recommend for us?
  • Galactic Wonderland.: I'm just gonna buy a tempa mattress and be done with it goodnight lol ??
  • YZ FFF: Nice video
  • Alexmarr7224: Not a single test on how they hold up to um rigorous activity
  • Amanda T: I just got rid of my Tempurpedic. Kept rolling into the middle of the bed lol smh plus way to hot in the summer and it hold smell(yuck). It was time for a new one. Got me a Sierra Mt Dana Plush.
  • Zaine Ridling: CR's Conclusion? Buy the old-style coil-spring mattresses. By the way, the people in this video were disgusting. I'll never sit on a mattress again in a store if this is what they do — dirty feet, sloughing off Ed Asner-like body hair, wet diapers, complete BO, and all the excessive farting into the mattresses — was it really necessary to show people hiking their legs up before breaking wind? Also, NEVER recommend a customer bring their own pillow — you will be kicked out of the store if you try to bring your infested pillow inside a store.
  • Ann Hart: Computer mech: in response to your comment: cheap camping air mattresses don't last and are not for bedroom couple activity, unless u want to buy a new one after every time.
  • Ann Hart: I have been sleeping on a 14.97 air mattress from Walmart on my box spring while shopping for new mattress, the air mattress is fine for me temporarily. I've been looking for 2wks. Went to places that advertise on kijiji or Facebook marketplace that are way cheaper than usual stores, but they do have good prices and products. If I didn't have the back issue I have I would've bought from one of these places, but they dont have firmness I need. I recently viewed utubes on How to fix sagging mattress, and was shocked by the crap foams that's in a mattress people pay so much for, and the lies that salespeople tell u about cool gel, not to mention it can be buried way beneath other foam, so u won't feel it's cooling effect at all. At Leon's I was told by 2 salespeople full xl size mattresses weren't avail. At their store so they could sell me a queen instead. Today I called and a different person told me they have that size in two brands. Did the 1st. Salesperson lie or what so she could sell me a queen size? Sheesh! LOOK AT ONLINE REVIEWS OF ANY BED U ARE CONSIDERING, Kingston mattresses are bad, Sealy are bad and have crappy warranties. Consumer Reviews are right…do not buy extended warranty and "mandatory mattress cover" , this costs around 100.00 and is not worth it. So…I continue my search, I think I'm going with an air one due to my back. ALSO DON'T BUY IKEA, LESSER QUALITY OF MATERIALS AND SAGGING IN A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. LOOK AT IKEA REVIEWS BEFORE BUYING. good luck, this is not fun!
  • Joseph Schaffer: What amazes me is how inconsistent mattress makers can be. My wife and I had a Simmons Beautyrest that lasted 8 years. Minimal body imprinting until the last year. We go out and buy the "equivalent" matress January of this year and it is already shot. I sleep 6" lower than my wife in a pit of a body imprint. I only weight 225 lb and my wife weighs 140 lb. Reading online, it sounds like this early failure mode is 100% normal and that Simmons really does have no warranty plan they stand behind. Extremely frustrating. We are going to buy a latex foam mattress from IKEA soon. A few of my friends have bought these and been really happy.
  • Sanya K: I have no idea how to go about buying a matress
  • L Collins: We still have my in laws old mattress still (sad face)
  • Shunmuga sundaram: Available from
  • YourFuneral Director: We own an historic home with 7 bedrooms. I furnished 4 of the bedrooms with the "reject" mattresses we tried in our master bedroom. We tried a variety of innerspring (4) units over 3 years. The biggest problem we ran across was the first 4 mid range priced ones leaving body impressions that only got worse as we used them. FINALLY, we found "our" bed. We went with the king sized Tempur Pedic in a medium firm construction. What a pain to have to go through this just to get a comfortable nights sleep. The good thing is, all our finished guestrooms have practically brand new king mattresses. So I guess what I found out is this, paying more for a bed with no springs was the answer to a long drawn out problem.
  • 6foothamster: They state they are not for profit, but then ask for a $55 subscription fee for access to their info. How is this not for profit again?
  • Mike Spencer: holy fuck click bait