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Everybody uses a guest bed differently. "Which guest bed if you undertake?" is frequently the issue. In the event you splurge for any great guest bed or perhaps a cheap guest bed that won't be utilized very frequently? We provides you with all the details necessary to help make the perfect decision by yourself.

Guest bed — yours could get barely any use (say, in regards to a couple of several weeks every year). Within this situation you may choose our affordable guest bed line. These can endure fine to this type of infrequent use. However, the greater it's used the greater quality product and pricey it will have to be so as not to fail. Whenever a guest bed fails, it forms uncomfortable soft spots and the body depressions. So keep clear associated with a affordable guest bed because these will probably soften and sag following a couple of months' use! All of our competitors offer 10-15 or 30-year limited warranties, however if you simply read the small print, you'll notice that a depression more than 1 1/2" must form to possess a valid claim. However when the guest bed starts to soften and dip a bit it'll cause immense back discomfort but it will not entitled to the limited warranty. Our premium guest bed lines provide a full warranty against soft spots from developing or anywhere of body depressions.

No less than 4" is suggested or else you will likely bottom the guest bed.

Would like your guest bed to become plush and splendid? Try whether foam guest bed, or convey a foam topper on the top of whatever guest bed you already might have. Choose our foam toppers that isn't the least expensive for the guest bed!

Ideas offer several guest bed lines to select from. There is also a helpful cost range summary below each listing.

Eco Foam Guest Bed — Uses soy-blended foam. "Eco" can be used here for both the raised utilization of natural materials as well as for its economy and cost. This bed mattress is a superb option for your guest bed. This guest bed's ideal me is for individuals who choose a guest bed around the firmer side (even our "medium" density has a tendency to feel firm for many), so when used occasionally will last as long as fifteen years. For this reason product's value and eco-friendly components, it is among our very best sellers. A Medium-Firm density Eco Foam guest bed is displayed within our Bay Area showroom. This guest bed includes a five-year prorated limited warranty.

Cost Range: low $100s

Guest Bed made of woll like

Guest Bed Foam Bed mattress — Select from soft affordable guest bed foam to super-firm guest bed foam. Tip: To construct economical comfort, layer softer guest bed foam over firmer guest bed foam and we'll combine them into one situation. This can prevent bottoming out but allow side sleepers extra comfort. For instance use 4" of C25 (a gentle guest bed foam) over 2" of C55 (a strong guest bed foam). Call us, and our reps will help place this order for you personally. Warranties vary with respect to the quality of froth selected.

Cost Range: low to mid $100s

Guest Bed of natural materials

Luxurious Foam Guest Bed — Experience greater finish comfort offered within this line. Our foam guest bed was created and warranted for each day use not to soften or form depressions for fifteen years. The only issue is the visitors will not wish to leave! But, whether it's for that spare bed room that you'll use whenever you-know-who's snoring too noisally, then you will understand the extra comfort. This lines are our least came back and many enjoyed guest bed. If you'd like to see about this excellent guest bed, visit our foam page.

Cost Range: $500 – $2000

Guest Bed browse various kinds of platform

Folding Guest Bed — Switch Them fold Them and store Them. This fold out guest bed uses superior quality firm foam. Since these are marketed as guest beds, they include pricey flame barriers. Around the next page locate a link within the right hands upper corner in order to save $100s with no flame barrier.

Cost Range: $80 – $500

Latex Guest Bed — Another premium comfort guest bed. Natural latex foam is solid 100% natural tree sap in the rubber tree, which last as much as twenty five years under regular use without developing depressions or soft spots. For quotes simply employ this drop lower menu. To first on our latex guest bed line (and also to see more latex bed mattress styles and thicknesses) check out our latex section.

Cost Range: $500 – $2000

Guest Bed Guest Bed

Organic Latex Guest Bed — Takes our latex guest bed to some greater degree of quilted comfort, and utilizes certified organic cotton fabrics and organic made of woll like a flame barrier. For more info about our organic guest bed line, visit our organic guest bed page.

Cost Range: $700 – $3000

Guest Bed as long

Platform Guest Beds

Require a Platform Guest Bed? Click the collage image to browse various kinds of platform guest beds. (Around the next page, click on the collage image again to grow it and find out all the beds offered.)


Night Therapy Weekender Elite Folding Guest Bed – unboxing and review

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  • Sojourn R&R: Fire the DJ ?
  • Paul Crawford: Like the fact it comes with its own zipped cover
  • Sheetal Tiwari: please. mujhe chahiye
  • Sheetal Tiwari: kitane ka
  • hyacinthdibley2: 4:22 The bottom/back spine isn't supposed to sink like that. May need a stronger bed support or floor support actually. I love the mattress though.
  • kntwing: the frame looks cheaply?
    what a cute chinese your long hair…maybe the bed is for kids under 10 year old?
    or around 15-18 yr old teen to use?
  • Red Scorpion: This Bed is for a really skinny Person because the Bed doesn't have any real support,the side Springs doesn't look like it can hold much weight
  • Red Scorpion: Wow! what a small bed,I feel sorry for anyone who turns when they sleep becuase they would easily fall off this Bed
  • Jesusandbible: can we buy just the mattress?
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