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Floor Lamps, Standing - Tall Lamps - Shades of Light Finally, great lamp task lightingFloor Lamps, Standing – Tall Lamps – Shades of Light Finally, great lamp task lighting”>

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Floor Lamps, Standing - Tall Lamps - Shades of Light Floor Lights     
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Finally, great lamp task lighting that does not overlook the benefits of fashion and quality. Shades of sunshine provide stylish floor lights which cover the gamut from hot new trends to treasured antiques with unique vintage & repurposed pieces among. The most popular thread store the entire collection together is powerful task lighting: 100-150 watts inside a well-crafted fixture.

So, whether your choice is locating a studying light, just like a timeless pharmacy lamp, or towards nostalgic & maritime, or perhaps European minimalist style, you don’t have to stay because our floor lights are certain to please. Our floor lights stand perfectly alongside art work and wall decor, displaying your superbly accented home. We’ve Brought and three-way floor lights, arc floor lights, and torchiere floor lights in styles that vary from modern to traditional.

Our quality floor lights are made to provide you with plenty of light in shabby chic, polished & antique brass, nickel, and bronze finishes. Be sure to browse our lamp shades for additional ideas!

Floor Lamps, Standing - Tall Lamps - Shades of Light timeless pharmacy lamp, or towards

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