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Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Official Video)

  • Movie TV: this song is immortal <3
  • Maria Tomasa Alejandro Tovar: Like si vienes por el meme de la cancion
  • Carlos Martinez: Nadie recuerda al maestro stifler bailando este rolón en el antro gay ????
  • _Riot: Love this song,
    But whats with her eyes…
    Kinda creepy for some reason.
  • jonelle jones: Never gets old!!
  • Ilove Corpseparty: Did the thumbnail change or is this a reupload?
  • MrNukeCola 34590: 2018?
  • Kale Pagan: I like the komits
  • WolfAva: Put it on 1.25 and its even better
  • Mohammed Nadeem: December 2018?
  • NoobSpyTryHard: Tiramisu is made of cheese, look for the right cheese at the store.
  • Shan McKay: My fave song since I was a teen
  • NoobSpyTryHard: Cream cheese is made of leaves, who in the world would disagree
  • Melissa Martinez: I swear no cows better not been harmed during this vid… #FE
  • Im Not Blue: this or these?
  • Im Not Blue: Whats with the cow in the office
  • Andrew Bryant: Who listening in 2019? 😉
  • Victor Cardenaz: X Men Apocalypse jejejeje
  • Paulette Aglet: I can’t rememberers if crest white strips existed yet
    I don’t think so
  • Kaia942: Não havia nada como Annie Lennox antes e nunca haverá depois.