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Dream Vendor Orlando Bed Set Double.

Dream Vendor Orlando Bed Set. The Orlando bed set is hands crafted. This bed set is hands crafted to some very good quality and standards.

The Orlando bed differs difference to be the change from the Latex Filling having a Memory Filling. That is for that user who prefers a softer feel yet very supportive bed mattress.

The Bed mattress has 1000 Pocket Unit having a pillow top covered with luxurious made of woll fillings. A quilted, very resilient and strong border, which will help using the durability from the bed mattress existence as well as the comfort.

The Orlando bed is made of built from solid timber and sits on chrome mushroom gliders, making moving it around a great deal simpler.

The chrome gliders will also be set 4 inches inwards underneath the base which provides the illusion from it floating with no support. This causes it to be simpler to hoover under it.

This bed set is really a lavish and modern set that will compliment any bed room.


  • Pocket Sprung Bed mattress
  • Natural Made of woll
  • Foam
  • Pillow Top
  • Heavy Knit Fabric
  • Luxury Fillings
Divan Beds Center stitching around the bed mattress


Select from a variety of colours and fabrics. Select from your Chenille, Faux Leather, Faux Suede and Specials

Superlative c.4,000 pocket spring count
Extra 2,000 springs in pillowtop
Foam to full sleeping surface in pillowtop
Tufted luxury knit top
Side stitch effect damask border
16 vents and eight handles
No turn – rotate regularly
Bed mattress depth 36cmThe Royal Pillowtop Base
Lined base elevated to a range of four colours: chocolate, black, cream and gunmetal.
Castors are gold coloured on chocolate and cream, chrome coloured on black and gunmetalThis bed is photographed with Horizon headboardAvailable in three sizes: 135cm, 150cm & 180cm

  • 3ft divan £180
  • 4ft 6 divan £220
  • 5ft divan £270
  • 3ft divan £135
  • 4ft 6 divan £175
  • 5ft divan £195

3ft mayair divan

4ft mayfair divan

4ft6 mayfair divan

Divan Beds Center percent layers

5ft mayfair divan

Petra Firm

• Bed mattress depth 25cm
• Extra firm Sleepzone® spring unit
• Firm orthobond fillings to 1 side of springs
• High loft microquilted damask bed mattress top
• Unfussy vertical border
• Four handles and 2 round vents
• No turn bed mattress
• Charcoal damask divan base
• White-colored drawers with chrome corners
• Connecting clips and Sweet Dreams badge
• Chrome glides
Not every features affect ottoman bases
This bed is photographed with Neptune headboard


Neptune waterproof bed £220


Cupid bed on legs £190


Divan Beds Center Select from your Chenille, Faux

3000 nested pocket springs by 50 percent layers are made to give additional lumbar support and unparalleled comfort. With layers of luxury engineered fillings for max comfort as well as an costly stretch knitted fabric and hands side stitching around the bed mattress border, this is made for the discerning.The bottom is provided having a bumper bar as standard.

4ft6 oxford divan

4ft6 safron divan

sovereign pocket divan free drawers and headboard selection of colours


Source: blackburnbedcentre.com

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