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Room & Board offers modern dining area tables in sizes, shapes and materials to fit your space and elegance. Our exclusive contemporary designs reflect how you live, with tables built by artisans from quality materials including wood, stone, glass, and metal.

Modern Dining Tables - Room & Board Board, or personalize your

Your dining area table is in the centre of your house. It’s where people combined efforts to share meals and celebrations with family and buddies. A table may be the first step toward your dining area, assisting you produce a space that’s welcoming, comfortable and delightful for gatherings small and big.

Your desire a table that’s both functional and engaging which will match your lifestyle. Whether it’s for an informal eat-in kitchen setting with contemporary flair, or perhaps a formal dining area having a sophisticated feel, Room & Board provides a quality-built table which will easily fit in perfectly. Compact or expansive, for any cozy corner or even the center hall, our tables would be the stylish centerpiece for the dining style.

Modern Dining Tables - Room & Board Your dining area table

Whether you’re searching for ultra-modern and architectural or classic and streamlined, we’ve options. Room & Board tables are made with inspiration from mid-century modern, Danish modern, and Shaker designs, amongst others. Clean lines, sturdy constructions, and-quality materials get together in types of timeless elegance that’ll be just like beautiful in twenty years because they are today.

We work with artisans and workshops over the U . s . States for the American-made tables. Produced in places including as West Virginia, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Vermont, our tables show their devotion to craftsmanship and a focus to detail.

Modern Dining Tables - Room & Board space without crowding the

With regards to dining area tables, dimensions are a vital consideration. Whether you’ll need a round, square, or rectangular table, we will help you determine the dimensions which will increase your space without crowding the area. Whether it’s a table for four to slot in a comfortable apartment space, or perhaps an extension table that reveals to suit 12 visitors at holidays, Room & Board has choices including all-wood tables, stone top tables, glass top tables, square, round, and trestle and pedestal tables.

Shop our choice of modern tables available at Room & Board, or personalize your table by mixing the desktop and base that actually work perfect for your look. Begin with basics in wood or metal, then select a top from your high-quality solid and reclaimed forest, including cherry, walnut, ash, and spalted sugarberry. Or select from glass, quarta movement, and marble for any polished look.

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A Modern Dining Table Built for the Ages

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