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Antique Platforms & Antique Dining Room Chairs

Our extensive selection of antique platforms and antique dining room chairs is impressive by standard and encompasses chairs and tables inside a wide ran…

Our extensive selection of antique platforms and antique dining room chairs is impressive by standard and encompasses chairs and tables in an array of sizes, styles and periods to satisfy a variety of needs and kinds useful, in the family dining area, restaurants, right through to a sizable antique conference tables destined to be used in the organization boardroom or conference room.

Antique Platforms That May Be Extended as Needed

Among the features that lots of our antique tables have to give you is the opportunity to extend all of them with a number of extension leaves to be able to accommodate the amount of dinner visitors or meeting attendees which are expected. These extension foliage is stored individually if not needed and therefore are usually added if needed with minimal effort using a unique winding mechanism that’s included in many antique in addition to our contemporary platforms. When no more needed, these extension leaves can be taken off and put away departing an infinitely more compact version on the table to be able to reduce the quantity of space adopted.

Antique Tables Produced From The Best Timbers and Veneers

We stock oak platforms, mahogany platforms yet others created using exotic and incredibly desirable timbers for example burr walnut and birdseye walnut. A number of these fine antique platforms have exquisite marquetry along with other inlaid adornments to help make the table not just functional but additionally a factor of effective beauty to become respected by individuals who’re fortunate enough to discover their whereabouts. We have a tendency to offer only antique platforms from well-known makers or individuals which, despite not always transporting a maker’s mark, are clearly the job of master craftsmen with the proper abilities needed to become dealing with such costly timbers.

Marquetry Platforms – A Bespoke Service

Regent Antiques also provides a bespoke service with this selection of contemporary marquetry tables. Which means that you are able to specify your personal personalised decorative needs for the large dining room table, conference table, or boardroom table. Unique marquetry decoration for the bespoke dining room table, expertly inlaid by our very own craftsmen, a number of them third generation within the craft, could be commissioned to incorporate things like company logos, family crests and jackets of arms, along with other adornments to fit your own design ideas or individuals obtained from a reference book or photograph.

If, rather of the antique marquetry dining room table, you want to learn more about our bespoke marquetry tables, just enquire for any no obligation quotation.

Antique Platforms from various Periods ever

Each duration of history has a tendency to have its very own type of furniture connected by using it. Our showroom normally has types of Victorian platforms, Regency platforms, Art Deco platforms and much more. Many styles are timeless and persist over the decades as well as the centuries. You could ensure locating the largest selection of antique, vintage and period platforms at Regent Antiques.

Antique Platforms and Chair Sets – a Match Produced in Paradise

You would like your visitors to become comfortable when sitting at the antique dining room table or antique boardroom table. With regards to sitting easily then we could assist with that a lot. It is extremely unusual nowadays to locate antique tables offered along with their original matching chairs. These occur every so often so we frequently have original matching antique dining chair and table takes hold our inventory however in other cases we are able to supply matching, or complementary dining room chairs either like a set using the table or individually, if needed.

Additionally to the extensive selection of antique platforms and dining room chairs we hold stock of the cautiously-curated selection of contemporary dining chairs and tables, including many that are still produced by traditional craftsmen using conventional methods and traditional materials and in a number of styles obtained from well-known periods. These tables frequently feature inlaid marquetry decoration which may be personalised for your individual needs for the next cost – call us for any no obligation quote.

If You Wish To “Go Large” Together With Your Marquetry Dining Room Table or Conference Table

Sometimes our customers require an antique dining room table that may accommodate a significantly bigger group compared to average family requires. Frequently they are required for commercial purposes like a conference room table or company boardroom table. Sometimes we could accommodate these needs having a large antique dining room table but we be capable to produce these tables in large, even large, sizes to match individuals who require convenience of a lot of visitors, or meeting attendees, included in our selection of bespoke tables produced in many vintage and traditional styles. Call us to go over your needs for big platforms, conference tables and boardroom tables.

We always provide numerous photographs with each and every product listing to help you really begin to see the quality and condition from the item available so we encourage you to check out these images at length before choosing to guarantee that you’re getting exactly what you’re searching when ever you buy something.

A trip to our north London warehouse and showroom is indeed a must if you want to discover for yourself precisely how impressive our selection of antique platforms, conference tables, boardroom tables and dining room chairs is really. However, in case you really can’t result in the trip, please keep in mind our packing and shipping teams can send your recently acquired table for you all over the world. Just call us for any shipping quotation before ordering.

Whatever you require from a dining room table, conference table or antique boardroom table, we’re very confident that you could find the thing you need at Regent Antiques. Our showrooms are open every week day as well as on periodic Saturdays so why wouldn’t you pay us a trip soon?

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Antique Dining Tables, Antique Dining Chairs

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Antique Dining Tables, Antique Dining Chairs

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Antique Dining Tables, Antique Dining Chairs

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