Soulja Boy Deletes Homophobic Tweets Defending His Consoles #U2013 Game Rant

Soulja Boy Deletes Homophobic Tweets Protecting His Consoles

Soulja Boy Deletes Homophobic Tweets Defending His Consoles #U2013 Game Rant

Earlier this year, rapper Soulja Boy revealed his personal type of gaming consoles. The truth that these consoles seem to be nothing more than emulators and a few look much like Nintendo products has earned them lots of scrutiny online, with individuals expressing their critique straight to Soulja Boy on Twitter. This found a boiling point yesterday, with Soulja Boy releasing a number of now-deleted tweets protecting the consoles using their Nintendo similarities and taking advantage of homophobic language along the way.

After being taunted by individuals on Twitter claiming that Nintendo would lawyer up and are available after him, Soulja Boy known as one person a “f***** ass nerd.” Also, he stated that he’s not scared of possible law suit from Nintendo, stating, “I’m unafraid of Nintendo or none of u f***** nerds making YouTube videos consume a d*** and just free promo.”

Soulja Boy continued to assert that individuals were against his consoles simply because they shouldn’t see “a black man receives a commission.” The rapper also ignored the potential of Nintendo going after law suit against him. “If Nintendo was gon make a move they’d have the very first day. My console not going anywhere everything I’m doing is 100% legit stay mad and I’ll keep getting more potent.” Soulja Boy then deleted the tweets, and published that one rather:

You may either allow the discomfort keep you motivated or destroy you

— Soulja Boy (Drako) (@souljaboy) December 22, 2018

While Soulja Boy appears to become sensitive concerning the asked authenticity of his consoles, that hasn’t stopped him from ongoing to pursue the recording game market. Not lengthy after his initial batch of consoles, Soulja Boy released two more, the SouljaGame Fuze and Retro SouljaBoy Small. Whether these consoles really are a success has not yet been proven, though Soulja Boy claimed in a single of his deleted tweets the consoles have previously offered over 5 million units.

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy has expressed a wish to begin their own eSports franchise in 2019. Whether that really involves pass remains seen, however it appears like Soulja Boy doesn’t have intends to stop his ventures in to the gaming market.