Retro-Bit Consoles


•;Compatible with many Sega Genesis™ cartridges
•;Also plays with NES™ 8-Bit cartridges
•;Includes AC adapter and Audio-video cables
•;Two controllers incorporated

•; Suitable for most 16-bit SNES® games
•; Suitable for most 8-bit NES® games (using the incorporated cartridge adapter)
•; Suitable for most 16-bit GENESIS® games(using the RetroGen® adapter offered individually)
•; As much as 8 hrs of uninterrupted action using the incorporated dual capacity lithium-ion battery
•; Reinforced cartridge door for sturdiness
•; Light-weight and travel-friendly

  • Full of over 90 Popular Retro Games
  • 2 USB Six Button Retro Style Controllers Incorporated
  • HDMI and Audio-video Outputs
  • Sleek Compact Design with Internal Game Save Feature

  • Full of over 90 classic games including original arcade favorites and popular console titles
  • Features retro classics like Mega Man 2, Double Dragon, Final Fight, BurgerTime, Strider, Joe & Mac, Super Dodge Ball, Fighter’s History, and a whole lot!
  • Formally licensed by Capcom, Data East, Irem, and Technos
  • Audio-video and HDMI® compatible (6 foot. HDMI® cable incorporated)
  • Two 10 foot. wired USB® six button controllers suitable for PC and Mac®
  • Intuitive smart UI with smart filters for simple navigation
  • Internal save states and button tutorials
  • Sdcard slot in order to save and transfer game progress
  • Suitable for official or 3rd party USB® controllers

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  • Suitable for original NES®, SNES®, and Genesis® game cartridges
  • Audio-video and HDMI® (6 foot. cable incorporated) compatible
  • Includes two 10 foot. wired six button controllers
  • Controllers suitable for SNES® and choose Retro-Bit® consoles
  • Two controller ports for NES®, SNES®, and Genesis® controllers

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Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio Plus Review | Nintendrew

  • Seal Custard: Can it drug up Super Mario Bros like the original can? I have the original and if you put in certain NES games and turn it on so it's between NES and SNES the graphics will go insane and distort the game. There are also rainbow effects that bake it look like you're on drugs. It doesn't even seem to have broken anything and everything is fine when you start it normally.

    For extra weirdness put in an SNES game.

  • ashtar assadi: I like 16:9
  • BloodLoomis Productions: Does this play both PAL and NTSC games for NES as well as Genesis?
  • Justin Mcare: The retron 5 is hot garbage , do not buy it !
  • SaturnHST: The sound on the SNES side is horrible. It's compressed, distorted and muffled. Also the sound is in dual mono only across all 3 consoles.
  • Zexal’s Revenge: Extremely happy to have one. One console that plays multiple console games is all I need to be happy. Love this thing.
  • Ajaxxan ‘: Hello, I know that this is now a fairly old video, but I have a question. Will a Sega 32X unit allow the 32X games to run on this console? My apologies if you answered this already and I missed it.
  • Cuerbolillo: Cool t-shirt :V
  • Mega Elliot, the gamer: I have that shirt, the Mega Man one.
  • ChaosMyth1012: notices it’s abbreviated to SR3
    sneaks an “88” next to abbreviation
    Metroid intro music plays in the background
  • Keiya: You didn't try the non-32x Virtua Racing, or a J-Cart, or S3&K for the Genesis?
  • Sonic Power!: 4:22 SUPER SUPER SUPER

    my fav

  • The SNES Man: I think this is leagues ahead of the RetroN 5

    The RetroN 5 has extremely questionable quality control and it uses RetroArch.

    Yes it stole an emulator which you can get for free, put it in a box and sold it. Even then it barely works

  • Super Clayton 64: Does this console work with Famicom games?
  • john craw: This is awesome
  • DarthG33k: The retro-bit controllers are my go-to brand for 3rd party retro nowadays. Especially with their upcoming Official Sega license!

    But for consoles, I still go to my Retron 5. They're too good to pass up.

  • Waluigi plumber: This is a joke it's a lies
  • Cooper Padgett: Your great