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Founded by Mark Moussa later, Arteriors is really a leading provider of luxury lighting, wall décor, decorative accessories and furniture to commercial and residential designers worldwide.

Launched having a concentrate on traditional accessories in classic materials, the organization collaborates with experienced artisans and manufacturers all over the world.

Arteriors, Inspired Furnishings inspired, always on-trend

Employed in luxury materials like embossed leather, hair on hide, forged iron, solid brass, mouth blown glass, reclaimed wood, hands glazed ceramics, Arteriors offers a large spectrum of styles from traditional to modern. Designed particularly for design enthusiasts with up-to-date sensibilities.

Since its beginning later, Arteriors has witnessed an explosion and expansion. In 1995, Moussa introduced Arteriors’ first portable lighting venture, The Tanner Collection (named for his boy). In 1999, he adopted having a lifestyle lamp collection named Kenzie, for his daughter.

In 2005, Arteriors expanded into chandeliers inspired by originals as diverse as European antiques and mid-century modern classics. Moussa and the Arteriors design team presently unveil greater than 400 new items every year, with major introductions in the fall and spring High Point furniture markets.

Arteriors introduced its first-ever designer collaboration in spring 2010, the Laura Kirar Collection, adopted through the Lisa Luby Ryan Collection in nov 2010. Arteriors has since debuted collections with world famous designers Windsor Cruz, Craig Dixon and Jay Jeffers.

Arteriors’ Private-label Division continues to be flourishing for 20 years, dealing with artisanal factories and enormous retailers around the world. We provides exclusive, custom designs to make sure that this excellent product best suits the requirements of your clients.

Arteriors presently are operating in Europe, the center East, Africa, Asia-Off-shore and also the Americas with approved lighting certifications to pay for individuals key markets. Arteriors Worldwide offers several freight choices for individuals worldwide customers.

A year ago saw Arteriors unveil its debut upholstery collection. Having a versatile mixture of settees, sofas and chairs, the gathering is composed of sophisticated designs that may be layered into a number of rooms. The next phase in Arteriors’ evolution, the gathering includes 10 frames, 3 fabrics and 13 color options.

As the organization keeps growing, Moussa uses his experience and insight within the design community to constantly update Arteriors’ choices – fostering exactly the same creativeness and innovation that’s helped the organization flourish for pretty much 3 decades.

Our products

A lot of Arteriors’ 1,200 designs are created by artisan factories around the world that embrace traditional craftsmanship. The assortment is artful, inspired, always on-trend, but never trendy.

Arteriors’ countless unique goods are produced from a variety of artisan materials that provide individual creativeness to stand out – from cowhide, agate, marble and wood to copper, bronze, granite and porcelain.

Arteriors, Inspired Furnishings from the colour and pattern

Hands-applied, hands-created, hands-created, hands-forged all of these are artisan techniques which create something that is distinctively yours. We percieve natural materials very much the same, embracing and celebrating Mother Nature’s built-in variances…from the colour and pattern variations available on all genuine hide products, towards the vein and hue variations in marble, to the range of grain patterns in natural wood.

There aren’t any exact matches anyway. these deviations aren’t flaws, rather an assurance you have genuine.

Find out more about our founder, Mark Moussa, and the dedication to artisan products and-quality craftsmanship.


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