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Every year greater than 6,000 youngsters are accepted to Texas Children’s Hospital Intensive Care Units. Texas Children’s has among the country’s largest, busiest and greatest skill Critical Care services, with 116 intensive care beds across our two campuses, all staffed by critical care trained physicians, advanced practice providers and nurses. Additionally to the 100 Primary Campus beds, we lately expanded our West Campus ICU to 16 beds.

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The Primary Campus ICU beds come in five physical areas. There exists a 31-bed general ICU a 4-bed dedicated surgical recovery ICU a 36-bed Progressive care unit that concentrates on the proper care of kids with complex medical needs who’re frequently technology dependent a 21-bed cardiovascular ICU as well as an 8-bed dedicated heart failure ICU the first available in america.

Our Intensive Care Service also offers a passionate transport team, the Kangaroo Crew, that transports roughly 1500 critically ill children from round the nation, to the ICUs. We love them for kids from from coast to coast and from overseas, who’re known us for medical and surgical intervention that frequently can’t be provided in your area. Included in this are proper care of children after major trauma, kids with severe infections, kids with cancer and covered up natural defenses and kids with failure of a number of major organ system.

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Among the busiest transplant centers in the united states, we’ve invested a lot of effort and time in research, training and purchase of new extracorporeal technologies to be able to offer to each child who requires a new heart, lung, liver or kidney, the finest possibility of surviving lengthy enough to get a transplant. Our unit philosophy is to give the best available choose to every critically ill child that requires it.

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