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A Much Better Night’s Sleep

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Diet program Houston’s children don’t have beds and therefore are sleeping on the ground. An chance for “; A Much Better Night’s Sleep ” is supplied through our bed distributions. The program provides mattresses, bedframes, sheets, pillows, and blankets to in excess of 23,000 children in need of assistance.

Research has proven there are significant links from a child’s sleeping habits as well as their performance in class:
•; Children who nap longer throughout the day have longer attention spans.
•; Children who’re identified as having Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have dramatically improved peer relations and classroom performances once better sleep routines have been in existence.

There’s not one other existing enter in the Houston area supplying completely new twin beds and bedding monthly to children in need of assistance. Each bed represents an chance for SWEET DREAMS and relaxing spot to lay their mind.

Every child needs a good night’s sleep. Many children across our city aren’t so lucky. To make sure this, every child must begin with the basics. These fundamental ingredients incorporate a bedframe, box springs, bed mattress, blankets and clean sheets. This vision matured into Houston Children’s Charitable organization “; A Much Better Night’s Sleep ” program.

Employees and Board of Company directors of Houston Children’s Charitable organization are deeply troubled because a large number of area youngsters are becoming an adult with no bed to settle every night. A number of other children are attempting to rest on worn-out mattresses and makeshift beds which should not become qualified as such. Because the beginning of “; A Much Better Night’s Sleep ” program, we’ve provided peaceful nights for much better sleep for special children.

Just the future will disclose what is coming of these children who receive,“; A Much Better Night’s Sleep .” Can be if there’s another National football league star, the next president, a lot of money 500 Chief executive officer or perhaps a beloved teacher who is probably the children we assist today. Together, we are able to supply the foundation to assist them to rise every day – rested and outfitted — to attempt any challenges that lie ahead.

Source: houstonchildrenscharity.org

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