MAINE BUNK BEDS, Sturdy Bunk Beds, Handcrafted, Quality Bunk Beds


MAINE Bunkbeds Sturdy Bunkbeds Handcrafted, Quality Bunkbeds


The pristine great thing about Maine’s ponds, forests, mountain tops and shoreline may be the inspiration for the type of sustainable bunkbeds and lofts. Our superior quality beds are handcrafted in Maine from solid hardwoods, after which carried out with Greenguard certified paints and lacquers. From solid hardwoods to natural finishes to organic mattresses, we are focused on designing and making items that help promote healthy and safe living environments.

Our mission would be to provide our customers the very best-designed, most sustainable bunks and lofts produced in America.


Custom Designs

Our company specializes in the style of adult bunkbeds which will continue for generations rather than outgrow fashion. Our beds are notable for his or her structural strength, safety and stability. Customized – only for you!


We simply use eco-friendly materials. Our CARB-compliant, Greenguard certified finishes contain minimal VOCs. Our beds are made with solid hardwoods low cost who support sustainable forestry.

Fine Craftsmanship

We employ a number of Maine’s most highly trained woodworkers who are proud of turning raw lumber into high quality, sturdy bunkbeds. Each bed is handcrafted to the customer’s exact specifications. .

“ACADIA” Twin-over-Twin – Our classic Twin bunk. Two 75″ lengthy twin beds are stacked together. Options: extra safety rail, “porthole” ladder, trundle or built-kept in storage drawers.

“ANDROSCOGGIN” Adult XL Twin-over-Twin – Two extra lengthy twin beds are stacked w/ as much as 10” of additional headroom to create an XL Twin-over-Twin bunkbed. Options: “Porthole” ladder,, trundle or storage drawers.

“BAR HARBOR” Twin-over-Full – A flexible bunkbed for visitors and kids. Holds one 75″ lengthy Twin bed and something 75″ lengthy Full bed. Options: extra length, “porthole” ladder,, trundle or storage drawers.

“CAMDEN” Twin-over-Queen – No better bunkbed to maximise the versatility of the home’s sleeping plans. A twin bed is stacked on the top of the queen. Options: Extra height, trundle or storage drawers.

“KENNEBUNK” Full-over-Full – Ideal for adults who would like plenty of sleeping room. Holds two Full-size beds. Options: Extra height, “porthole” ladder, trundle or storage drawers.

MAINE BUNK BEDS, Sturdy Bunk Beds, Handcrafted, Quality Bunk Beds triple decker for any

“KATAHDIN” Triple Twin – A triple decker for any bunk room. Holds three 75″ lengthy twin beds. Options include extra length, extra safety rails, “porthole” ladders and additional height.

“PORTHOLE” LADDER – Circular steps switch the traditional rung ladder employed for most bunkbeds. On every size of bunkbeds and lofts.

“CAPTAIN’S” BUNK” – Our classic Captain’s Bed features a Twin Trundle and built-kept in storage Drawers underneath the lower bunk. Options: extra length or height.

MAINE BUNK BEDS, Sturdy Bunk Beds, Handcrafted, Quality Bunk Beds for visitors

“WINTER HARBOR” Corner Triple – An excellent space saver for room corners. Three twin beds are configured in a right position to suit into corners. Options: extra length.

“BOOTHBAY” Triple Twin – Suits rooms with knee walls or cathedral ceilings. Options: extra length and/or height, “Porthole” ladder.

“FORESIDE” Quadruple Twin – Ideal for homes that require a bunk room for buddies and family. Two teams of Twin bunkbeds are became a member of with a center staircase.

“Bates” Twin Loft – A typical or extra lengthy Twin Loft with open space underneath for any desk or storage space.

“Bowdoin” Full Loft – A typical or extra lengthy Full Loft with open space underneath for any desk or storage space.

MAINE BUNK BEDS, Sturdy Bunk Beds, Handcrafted, Quality Bunk Beds lengthy Twin Loft

“Colby” Loft + Free standing Bed – A Twin or Full Loft having a free standing Camp Bed. Extra length or height.


Maine Camp Bed – A cottage-style bed. Obtainable in twin, full, queen or king bed sizes. Options incorporate a Trundle or Storage Drawers.

Maine Daybed – Our classic Daybed with built-kept in storage Drawers. A Trundle could be substituted with the Darwers. Holds a twin or full-size bed mattress.

MAINE BUNK BEDS, Sturdy Bunk Beds, Handcrafted, Quality Bunk Beds specializes in

Maine Captain’s Bed – Features a Trundle under three built-kept in storage Drawers. Holds a twin or full-size bed mattress.


one and three-Drawer Nightstands Wood. $650

Dressers – 3, 4, or 5 drawers. Beginning at $895

Writing Desk – Wood with one drawer. $650


DIY Cat Hammock Upgrade | EASY + CHEAP

  • c d: you have a Nebelung cat – gray one
  • Jòhanna Sieders-English: Wrap everything with sisal. Cats love it to scratch. When I got sisal posts, my cat never scratched anything else again!!
  • Hili P: love the original hammock w/out paint. the do breathe in paint fumes and it takes a long time for paint to outgas. housepaint takes years to fully outgas just fyi
  • Hili P: be careful cause paint and glues r really toxic for cats and carcinogenic
  • Grace W: What about multi-storey construction for if more than one cat would like to use the hammock in the same time ? This combined with the idea of twined vertical elements serving as scraching/climbing surfaces makes sense to me (note 2 front “legs” used for climbing up could be thicker than the other 2 in the back).

    Another idea is to utilize towels for the textile part.

    What do you think ?

  • K H: How about a kitty bunk bed next? This time, no spray paint. ?Awesome job, though,
  • Haleigh Ballard: He lays the same way and everything
  • Haleigh Ballard: Your black cat looks just like my cat
  • missfloflowers: Good video. I enjoyed it. ?
  • Just Me: Turned out nice ?✌?great job my cat would like it. I might make one. She’s 20 lbs so I might need to use gorilla glue and extra thick fabric ?
  • Just Me: If u buy the R brand spray paint he did for plastics you don’t need to sand paper, it contains primer that will help it adhere ?
  • UniFox ツ: I didnt had this so when i was litlle my dad bought me Like a house and u need to make with something Like this so i was creative and maked the floor and Walls on the top i made an x and its do Great my cat loves it
  • ssoozee: I love your videos! They are so fun and lighthearted. And you’re so sweet to your kitties. I’m going to make one with fleece or fake sheep skin. I have a million cat hammock ideas running around in my head. Thanks for posting this video!
  • Crulnagash: The like updated version, way to go, makes me think of the highlands, (clan plaid). Keep you the great work, Luna still reminds me of Nala lol
  • V Gil: oh oh. You do know they jump and slide on purpose, right? Mine take a long gallop and jump on any rug, and ride it till the wall stops them. I hope they aren’t bummed that you stopped the fun!
  • With These Hands: #lego Batman reference lol
  • Angela Womack: Can’t. Stop. Laughing!!! ?
  • Niina Vee: Lol they so cute and mischievous
  • Cher Larrabee: You could use fabric glue and some Velcro. Maybe an old tee shirt.
  • MsSixty?: Haha, I like that comment: “Do you even know how to sew? With a small sewing kit and an hour on YouTube, you can learn . . . ” so true!