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Bunk Bed - Official ARK Survival Evolved Wiki

The Bunkbed is really a structure that functions a spawn point and fast-travel place for players as well as their Tribes. Players can respawn here upon dying, or fast-travel back and forth from it using another bed. The Bunkbed may be the upgraded form of the Simple Bed.

Whenever a player dies, they are able to decide to respawn at any Beds they own, rather of utilizing the conventional “random respawn” feature (even though this choice is still available). The respawn map the dead player sees can have map markers whatsoever available beds.

Unlike Hide Sleeping-bags, Beds aren’t consumed upon use and could be reused infinitely by any tribe member. However, there is a 2.5 minute cooldown between uses. When compared to Simple Bed, the respawn cooldown is halved, meaning players can respawn two times as much in the Bunkbed.

The gamer may also use multiple beds for Fast-Traveling by pressing the utilization key on the bed ( E , , ), or with the radial action menu (default: hold E , , ). The gamer may then travel out of this bed holiday to a bed they have use of. However, by using this feature may cause the gamer to decrease all of the products they’re transporting in the bed they fast-traveled from, so it is advisable to store these products in advance.

As much as two players can lay around the bed by holding the utilization key (default: hold E , , ) deciding on, “Lay on Bed” in the radial menu, then don’t click it but release the utilization key. Should you sign off while lounging on bed, you’ll stay in sleeping pose around the bed, and can remain on your bed whilst it progresses an engaged platform. You may still be broken and wiped out when around the bed.

For additional info on Paint Regions and cooking techniques, please see the Dye, Paintbrush, or Spray Painter pages.

Region 1:
Top Pillow

Region 3:
Bottom Sheet

Region 4:
Both Mattresses

Region 5:
Bottom Pillow

  • Bunkbeds can be put on foundations and ceilings.
  • Bunkbeds could be renamed with the radial action menu. This makes it simpler to examine multiple beds when choosing a respawn or fast-travel location.
  • Bags and Beds may be used interchangeably. You are able to fast-travel from the bed to some bag, and the other way around.
  • Keep in mind that in Hardcore mode there aren’t any respawns, and also you lose your character (and for that reason tribe membership) upon dying. So Beds and Sleeping-bags are just employed for Fast-Travel.
  • As the Bunkbed constitutes a nice decorative structure, the price is extremely high and isn’t practical unless of course getting used quite frequently. You may only thinking about the Bunkbed usefull on platform Saddles as other beds may be destroyed super easy.