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Since June 19, 2000, the U . s . States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has needed brand new bunkbeds which are manufactured for non-institutional use to possess guardrails that adhere to CPSC Safety Standard for Bunkbeds.

Bunk Bed Guardrail Requirements or even the CPSC

Overview of the kids camps injuries reports posted towards the Department of Health has proven that falls from bunkbeds have led to serious injuries to campers of age ranges at camps in New You are able to Condition. As the CPSC design standards work well at stopping injuries from falls, the factors don’t affect bunkbeds manufactured just before June 19, 2000 in order to individuals manufactured for institutional use.

To be able to offer the security from the campers and staff, section 7-2.16(b) of Subpart 7-2 from the Condition Sanitary Code relating to the whole process of a Children’s Camp in New You are able to Condition, was amended during 2004 to want top of the bed of bunkbeds discover sufficient guardrails. Guardrails which are manufactured and maintained in compliance using the CPSC Safety Standard for Bunkbeds are regarded as in compliance. Other bunkbeds utilized by campers and staff will need the operator from the children’s camp to accomplish an assessment from the upper bed to find out compliance using the following needs. Your bunk beds that don’t meet these needs will have to be retrofitted with acceptable guardrails or substituted for beds that adhere to this requirement or even the CPSC Safety Standard for Bunkbeds by May 2005.

Bunk Bed Guardrail Requirements top of the bed


Foundation may be the base or support which a bed mattress or, when provided, a box spring rests.

Guardrail is really a rail or guard along the side of a bed to avoid an occupant from falling or moving from the bed.

Finish structure means a vertical unit in the mind or feet from the bed that spans the width from the bed.

Bunk Bed Guardrail Requirements with acceptable guardrails or


  • Upper bunkbeds shall possess a guardrail on every side from the bed. Whenever a bed is guaranteed against a wall that spans the size of your bed without any gap between your wall and bedframe and also the bed can’t be taken off the wall without utilization of tools, a similar degree of safety factors are supplied by installing of a guardrail only around the non-wall side from the bed.
  • Top of the fringe of the guardrails will be no under 5 inches over the top top of the bed mattress.
  • Guardrails may terminate before reaching the bed’s finish structures the following:
    1. The outlet from a guardrail and also the finish structure in the mind of the bed will be a maximum of 15 inches. A dent between 3½ and 9 inches ought to be prevented due to the danger of entrapment.
    2. The utmost allowable opening size from a guardrail and also the finish structure in the feet from the bed to permit accessibility bed from the side ladder is dependant on your bed occupant’s age the following:
Bunk Bed Guardrail Requirements the width from the

A duplicate from the Bunkbed Guardrial Requirement’s Illustration will come in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF, 893 KB, 1pg.)

Source: health.ny.gov

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