The demise of bookshelves and personal brand identity


The demise of book shelves and private brand identity

Everyone knows concerning the role of brands and brand identities for businesses and merchandise. Whenever we make reference to brand identity, we mean the visible aspects of that brand that together identify and distinguish it in consumers’ minds.

One is additionally a make of sorts, each with their unique brand identity. Much like companies, your own identities would be the visible aspects of our selves that distinguish us in people’s minds.

It appears in my experience these days it’s getting tougher for us to hold onto these visible elements. Here’s what i’m saying.

For instance, I just read lots of good novels, and that i like individuals to know this about me. I’ve always displayed my finished books on my small bookshelf. It’s a pat around the back, and it is the way i define myself to other people. It’s a part of my own brand identity. This season, I began studying on Kindle. Consequently, there’s too little new titles on my small shelves—and a loss of revenue of some personal brand identity.

I additionally listen to numerous music. It lately happened in my experience which i haven’t switched on my small bookshelf stereo receiver in a minimum of 6 several weeks. Since I Have purchased a Jambox wireless speaker, I’ve been playing my music library through my iPhone—I’ve nearly ignored my turntable sitting alongside my receiver in stock. I haven’t performed an album in a long time. Actually, my album collection, which I did previously store on my small bookshelf, has disappeared. Now there’s no visible representation of my music—another lack of some personal brand identity.

I believe this really is sad. Book shelves, and also the things in it, have a means of being very associated with the dog owner. Quite simply, they represent one’s personal brand identity.

Book shelves also showcase one’s personal history. From cobbled-together college book shelves, to one’s first apartment, to more carefully designed and arranged adult book shelves, are all a marker of the person’s existence journey.

Book shelves will also be tactile. How one arranges their bookshelf is telling. Obviously, you may still find photos, plants along with other knick-knacks, however, you don’t require a bookshelf of these. It’s possible to picture the family room for the future where there is nothing on the shelf, and there’s much less that defines one’s personal brand identity.

Obviously, social networking is just about the new method of personal branding. One is able to share one’s favorite books and music for the reason that space. But Facebook along with other sites require me to inform others things i would like them to understand, instead of them finding it themselves. There’s something nice about letting visitors uncover and explore what you’re about instead of announcing it. And it is important to not diminish the need for physical objects in tangible, instead of virtual, space.

Obviously, companies face exactly the same challenge in the current digital atmosphere. There’s something distinctively defining about “brick and mortar” visible encounters that online encounters cannot capture.

bookshelves-and-personal-brand_1.jpg” title=”The demise of bookshelves and personal brand identity ()” alt=”The demise of bookshelves and personal brand identity” />
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Shaun Lapatine is group director, naming and brand architecture, in the Siegel+Gale New You are able to office.


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