Secure Free-Standing Bookshelves to the Wall


Secure Free-Standing Book shelves towards the Wall

In case your book shelves have the freedom-standing, they might easily fall over throughout a large earthquake, injuring anybody who been adjacent, especially a little child. Do not take that chance! Affordable metal L-formed brackets can be found at the local home improvement store, and they are simple to install. One for reds attaches towards the book shelves, and yet another side attaches to some stud inside your wall.

Secure Free-Standing <a href='~id-43Bookshelves to the Wall for example televisions and computer” title=”Secure Free-Standing Bookshelves to the Wall for example televisions and computer”>

Even when your book shelves are safely connected to the wall so that they could not possibly fall over, exactly what do you store in it? Are you currently storing anything heavy that may disappear and injure someone standing nearby? If that’s the case, it may be smart to remove individuals products and them elsewhere.

If kitchen shelves are open and uncovered, all the products stored there may disappear throughout a large quake, including dishes and glasses. To assist alleviate this issue, you can produce a “lip” in the shops, like a thin strip of wood on or close to the fringe of each shelf, that will allow it to be harder for items to disappear.

Within the situation of cabinets, you could also consider installing latches on certain cupboards. Throughout a large earthquake, it’s possible the products within the cupboard might be sent flying with sufficient pressure to knock open the cabinet door.

Also attach large top-heavy objects (for example televisions and computer monitors) towards the desks or tables which they’re standing.

Secure Free-Standing Bookshelves to the Wall Couple of products broke

Discover the shocking truth! Auntie Lita explains how you can brace your book shelves.

The earthquakes of 10/15/2006 caused extensive damage around the Big Island Of Hawaii. Houses shifted business foundations, rock walls collapsed, and products in stores (sometimes the shelves, too) were sent crashing towards the floor. Don and Kerrill Kephart, Kohala area residents, provide these tips:

Secure Free-Standing Bookshelves to the Wall so plastic child

We observed a couple of trends that could be of great interest:

  • We’d many cabinets and displays fall over, although not the one that was attached towards the wall framing with the wimpiest screw or metal bracket.
  • We’d a large number of pictures come lower this was mounted using the two-pin style picture wardrobe hangers. However, not just one auger-style anchor came lower.
  • Display shelves with the smallest lip around the front (say 1/2″) fared much better than individuals which were sheer towards the edge. Museum wax under our collectibles could have been better still.
  • Couple of products broke which remained on their own shelf, only if they fell down so plastic child-proof clips around the cupboard doorways might have saved 1000s of dollars price of damage.
  • The neighbors lost their warm water when their heaters sheared their connections towards the wall. Modern installations include heater straps ought to be code, however it would cost under $10 to include them if yours does not curently have them.
Secure Free-Standing Bookshelves to the Wall cupboard might be sent flying

In the finish during the day, however, it is only stuff. We’d rather begin to see the whole home reduced to some pile of boulders than see something occur to one another or among the grandkids.


Secure Free-Standing Bookshelves to the Wall Are you currently storing anything

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  • Bill D: If you're going to the trouble of getting a ladder, and electric screwdriver, why stop with a 16 g wire? Get a strong L bracket, a really good wood screw and do the job right. A wire might stop the furniture from toppling if someone accidentally bumped it, but if there were a larger problem, 16 g wire won't help.
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