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Family Studying Partnership

Vibrant Red Bookshelf

A partnership project of:
  • Family Studying Partnership
  • Local human service agencies
  • Local companies
  • Duthie Painting

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The Vibrant Red Bookshelf program recirculates lightly used children’s books into the community where they’re provided free for families to possess. Books are collected in red crates at community locations and thru book drives organized by service groups, congregations, campus organizations, and schools. These books are sorted, cleaned, and affixed having a label, then put down on vibrant red book shelves at sites where low-earnings families may have quick access for them.

  • Increase book possession by families, specifically in low-earnings homes
  • Encourage parent-child interactions with books
  • Involve community people within this literacy effort through book donations
  • Enhance the expertise of organizations becoming bookshelf hosts by supplying books towards the families they previously serve
  • Keep books circulating locally to ensure that “;no children’s book is ever lonely”

Book possession is essential in fostering a desire for studying and a real love for books. If parents will be to read for their children, they require the books to do this. Children feel pride in owning their very own books. They develop confidence in studying and get mastery when books are often within achieve and could be read over and over. We feel that every book a young child owns is definitely an “;appetizer” to library use.

Project Background

The Vibrant Red Bookshelf concept emerged in nov 1997 because the Family Studying Partnership had been created. The thought of collecting lightly used books to put on the bookshelf to consider free of charge started out discussions of methods for connecting families with books. It had been met with passionate support, especially from founding member Jim Crawford who announced, “;Yes, and there needs to be several shelf, and they’ve to become red!”

Jim designed a prototype shelf, board member Erectile dysfunction Palmer selected the right color red, and Ed’s daughter produced the emblem. Children’s author and carpenter Erectile dysfunction Ormondroyd and volunteer Michael Miles came aboard to create additional shelves, so we were off! Early in the year of 1998 the very first shelf was inaugurated in the Ithaca Police Satellite Station, and shortly five more were setup at areas. A effective collection drive among local congregations, the very first Belief in magazines Weekend in fall 1998, introduced in 1,400 books for that shelves. Around 2002, congregations, groups for example youth hockey and girl scouts, and people donated 7,600 lightly used books at vibrant red crates through the community. That year greater than 5,000 books were put into home libraries from vibrant red book shelves. Presently greater than 10,000 lightly used children’s books are recirculated in to the community every year, provided on 50 plus Vibrant Red Book shelves within our county.

Replication Acknowledgement Request

If replicating the Vibrant Red Bookshelf, please acknowledge FRP in almost any written information or publicity: The Vibrant Red Bookshelf was produced through the Family Studying Partnership in Ithaca, NY in 1997


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